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Enspirels are beautiful metal sculptures that also act as transducers for spiritual energy that facilitates change. Transducers convert energy from one form to another-- like changing electricity into sound. Enspirels™ convert high vibrational spiritual energy into a form usable for our earthbound human system. This energy does not come from them, but through them. It promotes change by disrupting the old patterns of our own energy field and supplying new frequencies that allow healing to occur on many levels.

Large Enspirels™ are great for transforming the energy of spaces. Hang them in homes, schools, treatment rooms-- anywhere! They create an energetic environment that promotes and protects health.

Small Enspirels™ lend themselves to more personal use—for meditation and hands-on energy work. Placing them in various ways against the body can facilitate the release of energy blockages, pain and tension.

Enspirels™ come in 3 different metals, copper, brass and aluminum. (Silver and other precious metals are available by special order.) Copper has a warm Earth energy that resonates with our heart. Brass energy is for protection and its yellow color resonates with our solar plexus. Brass is made of copper and zinc. Zinc in our bodies helps to heal wounds. Aluminum has a very high vibration that corresponds to our higher spiritual energy centers.

Right now, there are twelve different Enspirel™ shapes with more on the way! Choose from Round, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Star, Heart, Hexagonal, Lotus, Tree, Flower, Double Flower, or Dome Enspirels™. Use your intuition. Select yours by what and how you feel when you look at them. We have found that simply looking at the large photos of Enspirels™ has a healing effect.

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