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The Mesa Healing Center
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What causes us to stay healthy or become ill?

Science is just beginning to find out what all Nature-Based cultures have always known—that all physical illness comes from stress and that stress comes from being out of harmony with our inner selves, our true Spiritual nature. Drug and surgery based medicine has really failed at keeping us healthy and, at best, only forestalls the emergence of the root of our problems.

Our bodies are not separate from our minds or emotions. At The Mesa Healing Center, we listen to you and your story—the story of your life. We help you examine the great and small traumas that you have endured that have brought you pain and caused you to seek help in healing emotionally and psychologically as well as physically. We use a custom approach to helping you, blending time honored natural healing methods with cutting edge vibrational energy healing techniques.

We are skilled in relieving disharmony and pain, but our goal is to guide, help, and support you as you learn the root causes of physical illness or emotional distress and release them, not just erase symptoms. We seek to teach you to find out who you really are so you can comfortably accept and embrace your power to heal yourself in your own way. We want to see our clients come to a place of Peace within themselves and take a renewed interest in living Life.


What is Vibrational Healing?

Science has long known that all matter is made up of vibrating particles. Modern research has shown that all matter is made of ENERGY in a constantly vibrating state. New research shows that all energy has Consciousness and can be influenced by our minds, actions, and emotions.

We humans, too, are made of vibrating energy. Our own vibration is affected by what we think and feel, as well as what we eat and drink. Other people and our environment also have an impact on our being's energy system.

Sometimes, our energy systems get out of harmony, or even "clogged up" with energy blockages, causing pain and preventing our bodily healing systems from doing their jobs. As in a flowing river, blockages create back-ups, stagnation, and disease. Using vibrational healing techniques like Reiki, Sound Healing, Flower Essences, and Crystal Healing can release these blockages, restoring the healthy flow of Life Force Energy in your body.

Vibrational healing helps us in several ways: Like a pair of loving hands on our back, it gently supports us and keeps us from falling backwards on our path to healing. Likewise, it firmly urges us forward toward wholeness. It effectively clears out our energy plumbing more and more over time. If used repeatedly, it eventually raises the rate at which we vibrate physically and Spiritually increasing vitality and awareness, moving us toward enlightenment and our True Nature.

Officially opened in September of 2005, The Mesa Healing Center (located directly above The Mesa Creative Arts Center Gift Shop) provides Holistic and Natural Healing services to the public. We do not diagnose or treat illnesses. We teach our clients how to re-establish their own health while supporting them with many different healing techniques.

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Mesa Healing Center Practioners, Brad and Kate Silberberg
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Brad Silberberg is an Ordained Minister, (by The Community of the Whole Person, a non-religious spiritual organization) spiritual leader, and:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healer
  • Originator of Send Back Technique™
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Melody Crystal Healer
  • Certified Teleios Technique Practitioner
  • Magnified Healing Level II Practitioner
  • "TE" (The Energy) Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Level II Practitioner & Level III Teacher, SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Energy healer
  • Flower essence maker and Practitioner
  • Engaged in healing energy tool design & construction
  • Maker of Singing Bowls and Solfeggio bowls

Kate Silberberg:

  • Intuitive Spiritual Healer
  • Send Back Technique™ Practitioner
  • Seashell Healer
  • Certified Melody Crystal Healer
  • Reiki Level II Practitioner
  • Magnified Healing Level II Practitioner
  • "TE" (The Energy) Practitioner
  • Level I Practitioner, SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Energy healer
  • Healing Jewelry-- made with intention, from rock and crystal beads.
  • Art That Heals-- painted images that carry healing vibration.
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Mesa Creative Arts Healing Services include:

Reiki healings, attunements and classes. Reiki (pronounced "Ray-Key"-- Japanese for "Universal Life Energy") is a gentle, hands-on life-energy healing technique that works to release stress, create harmony, and promote healing on all levels. A great way to get your energy system in tune!. Find out more about Reiki here.
Individual Send Back™ sessions. Here is a simple and powerful way to release Life-Limiting beliefs and replace them with Life-Affirming ones. We'll help you to determine what your underlying beliefs are and lead you through the process to Send them Back through your ancestral line for healing. Find out more about Send Back Technique™ here.
Teleios Technique (Teleios, from the Greek-- complete, whole, one.) blends eclectic healing modalities such as energy healing, angel healing, past life regression, and breaking negative beliefs to teach you to quickly release the pain and trauma you carry from this and other lifetimes. Find out more about Teleios Technique and classes.
"TE" (The Energy). A "gently powerful" energy technique that helps release dis-harmony from your energy field, helping with pain relief and the release of "stuck" energy from your physical, emotional, or mental bodies. Some modalities tend to break up energy in our physical body and release it into our energy field (aura). If this energy is not some how swept out of our field it may, over time, re-densify and find its way back into our physical bodies, bringing back pain and "dis-ease". TE can release this kind of energy and is highly beneficial immediately after modalities such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, etc.
Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. We have all lived many lives—or, some might say, many episodes in our Soul's timeline. Our Souls choose to reincarnate to work on unresolved issues from the past. We have entered a time when past Karma is coming up to be balanced so we can move toward enlightenment. Visiting past lifetimes as you are gently guided under hypnosis can bring valuable insight, understanding, healing and relief into the present.
Magnified Healing This healing energy, overseen by Quan Yin (The female counterpart to the Buddha, and the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion who "Hears the Cries of the World") has been used by Spirit beings for their own healing. They now want it used by us here on this Earth to bring healing and enlightenment to humanity. The energy is very fast acting and hot.
SomaEnergetics™ Vibrational Healing can release fear, heal DNA, and open portals to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, working with the vibration and sound energy of special tuning forks tuned to the ancient Solfeggio scale of Gregorian Chant. Sound vibration is a powerful tool for restoring the perfection with which we were all created to each and every cell of our bodies. Find out more about SomaEnergetics™ here.
Sound Healing. Using the power of sound to increase vitality and magnify healing on all levels with Singing Bowls, drums, flutes, and overtone singing.
Crystal Healing, Crystal Arrays, Laying on of Stones, Crystal Grids for home or office. All rocks have their own vibrational frequency. The energy and "information" contained in stones can expand your awareness,teach, protect, and help you to re-align and heal. Advice on which crystals may help you.
Seashell Healing, Shell Arrays, Laying on of Seashells. Seashells are made of crystalline minerals and contain healing energy and information, just like rocks and crystals. The difference is that they were made by the living creatures that once inhabited them and contain their gentle energy and wisdom as well. Shells come from water and water energy is the energy of emotions. Shells can help us heal on all levels.
Grieving Cessation. Most people think that grief is static-- we experience a loss and then carry a fixed burden of grief. Grieving is really a dynamic process and many people have the internal belief that someone or something external needs to give them permission to stop it. We've found a simple process that combines energy healing and granting of self-permission to get grieving to cease so you can use your energy and attention for other things.
Angel Healing. Working with our invisible yet ever present Guardian Angels, Arch Angels, and other spiritual beings to disconnect energy drains from others, mend or bring closure to past or present relationships, and aid in forgiveness for ourselves and others.
"Tools for Transformation". Sales of, and healings with our Enspirels™, Heliospheres™, Pyramids, Borromean Tubes™ and other objects that receive, channel, or amplify spiritual healing energies.
Flower Essence Healing and Wildcrafted Essences. Our Creator put each and every flowering plant on this Earth to help us to learn what our souls have come to learn, release old patterns, and heal ourselves. Using the life energy and informational patterns of flowers, distilled into energetically charged water, can bring gentle emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
Space Clearing and House Blessings. Working with sound, sacred smoke, and spiritual energy to clear negativity and bring fresh energy into your home-- and your life! Other energies, such as Geopathic Stress, electromagnetic radiation from power lines, computers, etc, can interrupt sleep and cause health problems, We can survey for these harmful energies and offer you solutions.
Feng Shui Advice. The Asian art of placement and energy enhancement that can bring great changes into your life. We also provide hand crafted Feng Shui Remedies such as fountains, golden Five Element Coins, and spikes to reclaim "missing corners" of your property.
Classes in the Healing Arts at The Mesa Creative Arts Center. See our class schedule here.
Wedding Ceremonies. Looking for a spiritual, non-denominational marriage ceremony? Brad Silberberg is empowered to conduct weddings in the state of Pennsylvania.
Medicine Wheel Ceremonies in The Mesa Creative Arts Center outdoor Medicine Wheel. Baby namings, thanksgiving ceremonies, forgiveness ceremonies, getting in touch with spirit guides, etc.
Mesa Creative Arts Gift Certificates, for a gift of healing.

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**We charge only for our time, not for our gifts: $65.00/ hr.**

Now accepting cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments available.
Call: (724) 947-3097.
Telephone consultations are also possible for distance healing for those outside of the Pittsburgh area.


Now also available at The Mesa Healing Center!

  • Readings with Clairvoyant Medium, Michael Graham.
  • Aura Photos and chakra readings by Debbie Griffith.
  • (Readings on the 2nd Sunday of the month. See our calendar for schedule.)
  • Theraputic Massage and Hot Stone Massage by Danielle Thomas.
  • Call for details or to schedule an appointment, 724-947-3097.

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