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Brad in HeliosphereWhat are our "Tools for Transformation and Healing"?

Our Tools for Transformation and Healing are physical objects designed and/or hand crafted at The Mesa Creative Arts Center by Artist and Healer Brad Silberberg that receive, channel, enhance, slow down, direct, or amplify different bands of the spectrum of what are known as "subtle" or "etheric"energies. These Spiritual, Healing, Inter-Dimensional, and Life Force ("Chi" in China, "Prana" in India.) energies are available to help us heal ourselves, expand our consciousness and awareness, raise our personal vibration frequency, and transform our lives. They are emanated by every living and "non-living" thing in the Universe. While we use the very steady and accurate vibration of quartz crystals to regulate clocks and watches, some of these energies are not yet known to "Science" because they cannot be detected and "certified" with our current technology of using THINGS to decide what is "real". Yet there is an instrument that can and does detect and assess them-- the Human Being! To be able to appreciate these Tools for Transformation and Healing and know that these energies are indeed present and active, it helps to be able to use your awareness to feel how they affect and change your energy or the energy of other people, places, or things.

Read on to learn more about energy first, or take a look at our products:

What do we mean by "energy"?

Even "Science" is now accepting that all of the Universe is made of energy, as in Einstein’s theory, E=mc2. All energy is vibrating all of the time. No one knows what energy really is-- not exactly anyway. Energy is all power, cannot be created or destroyed, has always existed, and moves into form, through form, and out of form. (Sounds like a description of, umm -- God, doesn't it?) When its vibration slows down enough, energy becomes physical matter but vibration remains in the atomic particles. If you take water as an analogy:

Take energy away from water by cooling it and its vibration slows down until it becomes solid matter-- ICE! If you add heat to ice, you speed up its vibration and it changes form back into liquid water. If you continue to add heat energy and increase the vibration of the water it will boil, turn into steam and disappear! BUT-- if you put a glass of ice water nearby, the steam will give up energy and the water will reappear on the outside of the glass. Water vapor is invisible. You can see both ice and water. You can put your hand right through water but not a block of ice! As the vibration of water becomes slower it becomes denser. If its vibrational frequency increases water becomes less dense.

Science is also finally catching on to what Shamans have always known-- that all energy has Consciousness or Spirit and comes from a single Source. Experiments with subatomic physics have shown that light and other energies react to Human consciousness and change their appearance or behavior as a result of its influence. Light behaves as a particle when we're looking at it and a wave when we're not.

The more subtle Spiritual, Healing, Inter-dimensional, and Life Force energies have a higher (faster) vibration and require a shift of our learned habitual perception for us to register. They are much higher in frequency than light, heat, etc. Vibrational frequency is usually measured in cycles per second. The more to-and-fro or revolving cycles in one second, the higher the frequency. It is harder for us to perceive high-vibrational energies because of our own relatively low-vibrational perception—we’re more adept at perceiving matter than pure vibration. Each of us is also vibrating and the less spiritual we are, the denser and slower our personal vibration. The more spiritual we are, the lighter we are and faster we vibrate-- just like the water our bodies are mostly made from.

There is a hierarchy of vibration in the Universe. The highest, fastest vibration is Love or God/Source-- that which divided itself into all of Creation. If we were to experience the full high vibration of The Creator it would literally overload our molecular and Spiritual circuits and blow us apart. The Creator insures that Source energy is stepped down to a frequency that our metabolism can withstand. That's part of the job of Spirit and Nature Beings. That's also part of what our chakras (subtle energy centers in our body) do for us on the individual level. It's also part of what Tools for Transformation and Healing do.

Here's what the energy hierarchy looks like:

At the Top are Spiritual Energies:

  • Love/God/Source is the highest vibration in the Universe.
  • Love slowed down yields thought
  • Thought slowed down yields feelings:
  • Feelings slowed down yields magnetism:

Now come the Physical Energies:

  • Magnetism is the fastest vibration of physical energy
  • Magnetism slowed down yields electricity:
  • Electricity slowed down yields light:
  • Light slowed down yields heat:
  • Heat slowed down yields sound:
  • Sound slowed down yields matter:

The main difference between light, sound, and matter is frequency. There is also a difference in consciousness.

Most of us are able to feel all of the energies in the Physical range. Some have learned/remembered how to feel the Spiritual ones. Just because the Human eye cannot see ultraviolet light or Human ear cannot hear a dog whistle, does that mean that those energies do not exist? Look at it this way:

If you were sitting on the runway in an old propeller driven airplane looking out the window toward the control tower, your view might be blocked by a blade of the huge, dense propeller on the wing. (Resting at zero cycles per second rotation.) As the motors were started and the propellers turned faster and faster, (Thousands of rotations per second!) you would be able to see the tower right through them-- they'd just disappear! Just because they became "invisible", does that mean they no longer exist? All you'd have to do is put your hand into one to find out that they are just vibrating faster than your brain can perceive!

All human beings are "hard-wired" to take in and use these subtle energies and we do it largely without even knowing it. They are as necessary for sustaining Life as are food and water. Maybe even more so! (There have been reports that monks have already found ways to live on the Prana from the air without partaking of food or water for months at a time.) These energies make up the foundational fabric of our physical body and higher (Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) bodies. When they are out of balance, distorted, missing, or in excess we get unhealthy in some way. When we are conscious of these energies, we can make better use of them to create better health for ourselves. Relatively few adults seem to perceive them. Many children have not been fully trained to ignore them yet.

How do subtle or Spiritual energies affect my Health?

Your being's Energy Body is multi layered. There are many overlapping and intertwined systems (nerves, meridians, chakras, higher bodies, and other circulating flows) that operate simultaneously to keep you alive and healthy. Each one needs to be in a state of constant, balanced, harmonious flowing movement in order to for you to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Our human energy system is not a closed one-- in part because everything in the Universe is joined by energy. Energy flows into and out of each one of us from physical and non-physical sources to keep us nourished and healthy. The trouble comes when any of the layers of our Being's energy circulation becomes sluggish, clogged or flows in reverse. Even though your being is extremely resilient and has amazing capacity to compensate, these conditions can result in dis-ease on multiple levels. Imbalance can happen for any number of reasons-- including general stress, bad diet, lack of rest or exercise, negative thoughts or emotions, past life injuries, and external energies like Earth emanations, Cosmic flows, man-made energy pollution, psychic attachments, other people's thoughts and emotions, and more.

Employing holistic healing methods like changing diet, changing beliefs about yourself and your life, getting rest and exercise, using your creativity, using plant medicine, or Spiritual healing can help your systems reset. Vibrational Healing can unclog and balance your systems and get them flowing in the right direction again. They do this by breaking up energy blocks from various sources, stimulating flow, raising your personal vibrational frequency so you are less susceptible to harm, and promoting your being's natural ability to heal itself.

Our Tools for Transformation and Healing also promote energy harmony and balance for us, either by creating a more healthy energy environment around us in our homes or workplaces, or by directly changing our systems as we work consciously with them in hands on healing for self or others.

Why and how do people notice or feel "energy"?

People sense subtle energy in different ways. Not everyone feels it bodily. Some people see it as colored light, hear it as a rising or falling sound or just "know" it. Some sense it in multiple ways at the same time or in succession. Some people can tell what consciousness or emotional labels are attached to energy.

To notice these energies, you have to know that Spiritual energy exists. Understand that these Spiritual forces are not nearly as physically strong or readily noticeable to our five senses as the other kinds of energy (movement or Kinetic energy, heat, light, sound, electricity, gravity, etc.) that people interact with every day. If you've ever been "zapped" with electricity, you know what we're talking about. Those energies we register with our five senses of touch, taste, smell, feel, sight, or hearing. They are usually overtly apparent to us, even in relatively small amounts or strength. You've learned to hold your hand over a stove burner to feel if there is heat energy coming off of it before you touch it. You can feel it quite far away if the conditions are right. If you pay attention, you may be able to feel light falling upon your skin. What you notice, you are conscious of and what you are conscious of, you notice. So too with subtle energies:

Brad Silberberg says: "When doing healing work or work with energy tools, I will often feel with my hand by placing it on or near the source. I may feel a tingling or pushing sensation or feel a kind of heat coming from them, but not the kind from a flame. This mostly tells me the strength and balance of the energy. I may find other qualities in the energy as well. I also sense energy with my whole body-- what I call my 'Felt Sense'. I believe that I may be using some of the 90% of my human brain that Science says we "don't use" because they don't understand subtle energy or how to detect or measure it. It's nonsense to me to think that so much of our brain is useless. Nature and Creation would not have wasted that resource."

Brad working in Helio"I have always perceived other people's emotions, state of mind, state of openness or closed-ness, denseness or lightness, high or low vibrational frequency, general health, and other information this way, often feeling it as if I am 'having' them. I have learned over time how to interpret some of what I pick up with my Felt Sense. I am still learning about interpreting the base structural energies at the Spiritual foundation level of matter that I 'know' are there and about Inter-dimensional energies. Doing hands-on energy healing work with people, animals, and plants (Reiki, Magnified Healing, TE, Jin Shin Jyutsu. Sound Healing, Crystal Healing) and building and working with energy healing tools have helped me to hone my perception and interpretation of subtle energies."

Can anyone feel these energies?

Whether your realize it or not, you've likely already had experiences with feeling the Life Force or thought energies of people or places yourself. You've probably walked into a restaurant or motel room and just felt an uncomfortable "something" that made you decide to leave. If you thought about it at the time, you may have been able to describe it as a heaviness, staleness, sadness, or dullness. You may have even felt an uncomfortable humming or buzzing. You probably took your business to another establishment where you found the place feeling lighter, calmer, or happier somehow.

Have you ever had the experience of pulling up at a traffic light and looking at the guy in the car next to you, only to have him turn and look back at you? Why did he do that? Because he FELT your attention energy and your consciousness directed at him and turned to see where it was coming from. His animal instincts told him to do so because some part of him was sensing that energy.

The thing that we notice most easily is CHANGE, in part because we would just go nuts if we were constantly noticing every little static sensation. When you put on a shirt, you feel it against your skin. You don't spend all day noticing: "I have a shirt on." We take notice when we feel a room turn from hot to cold when the air conditioning is turned on or feel a hand press on our skin when there was nothing there before. We notice change most easily when we are PAYING ATTENTION to what is changing. That's the first part of the equation. The second part is just a lot of practice feeling energies and noticing their subtle differences. Think of a professional wine taster. He takes a swig of wine (Blindfolded, of course!) and can tell you that it was bottled in 1968 in Bordeaux, France at 11am on a Sunday in October and that it had spent 11-1/4 months in an oak barrel. How does he know? He's tasted a whole lot of wine!

The third and maybe most important component for energy discernment is BEING OPEN TO IT. If we are not open to noticing it, it’s like having the Geiger counter turned off when we are trying to measure nuclear radiation. Most people tend to shut down their own energy emanations or aura. This is a protective maneuver we do out of limited belief, fear, lack of trust, and because most of those around us are also shut down and we mirror it unconsciously. It is also a self preserving habit to keep out some of the ever growing energy stimulation from people, places, things, light pollution, cell phones, traffic, microwaves, TV and radio broadcasts, power lines, computer screens, etc., that is stressing people out and making them sick. These energies can also clog up our Human energy system and keep us from feeling the movement and change that we might otherwise notice.

Still, there are ways to remain open, healthy, and radiant. We can do it by learning to stay open, take in those subtle energies from Nature, God/Source, and The Universe, and radiating them back out. The more we radiate, the more we can take in and the more we take in, the more we can radiate. The more we radiate, the more relaxed we are. The more relaxed we are, the more we can feel and notice. Radiating also protects us by giving away instead of by shielding ourselves. (Think about trying to push dirt and stones into the end of a garden hose with a forceful stream of water coming out of it!) NOT radiating is a stressed state that most people don't even know they are in. It consumes personal energy to keep yourself from radiating your Light.

Each one of us is an antenna for Source Energy. We are here (in part) to receive it, slow down its very high frequency with our chakras, and radiate it back out to the Earth, Nature, and Humanity through our aura. We have demonstrated the difference in how this feels to others by asking people to turn on their energy "radar", standing in front of them, and consciously pulling in our aura as hard and as tight as we can. They will usually say they feel "quietness", "coldness", and/or a pulling or sucking sensation. As we release our aura (It's very uncomfortable to hold in for long.) people often say, "You came back!"

When people shut down and stop radiating their auric light they become like a Black Hole, sucking in energy from all around them and sending it off -planet to who knows where. Each one of us who is radiating counteracts the effects of many Black Holes. It can take some practice to let your Light shine and Tools for Transformation and Healing can help you by unclogging your energy systems, healing your thoughts and emotions, and increasing your vibrational frequency directly or indirectly. It's still up to each of us to choose to be a Shining Star or Black Hole. Remember that radiating your Light keeps the flowers opening, the birds singing, the rivers flowing, and the Earth turning. Do you really want to NOT radiate?

OK., so what do these energies FEEL like?

People are still finding language to talk about what they feel. You probably know what Love feels like to you, but can you describe what it feels like inside of your body when you are feeling Love? Here's an exercise:

Close your eyes and just feel what your are feeling right now. (Noticing what you are noticing is called being CONSCIOUS!) Take a little tour of your body and awareness and see what's there now so you'll more easily pick up on it if something were to change. Now pick up a crystal, touch a plant, put your hand on someone's heart, or hold a Tool for Transformation and Healing. Does something change in your awareness? Can you describe it? If not, your internal "meter" may be shut down-- energetically in protective mode.

Try this: First, take a deep breath and let it out. Think about radiating light, sound, or heat out from your body in all directions. Close your eyes, put your hands on your heart, say "RADIATE" and move your hands out to the sides until your arms are straight out. Can you feel your energy system open up? Now pick up that crystal and see what changes you feel. You may still have to open the protective "doorway" in your wrist that keeps everything you touch from entering your energy system through your hand. Just envision a door (however you see it, as the door to your house, a garden gate, or a big iron prison door) at your wrist that is closed. Now just envision that door opening. Can you trust enough to let the energy and consciousness of the crystal enter now? Can you even send your consciousness out to meet it? What do you feel now?

Here are some ways and words we use to describe how these energies feel to us. They may be sensed with the hand or all over the body:

  • Buzzing or tingling-- like when your leg is asleep.
  • Prickly like static electricity.
  • A feeling of heat without a heat source. (Usually denotes a LOT of energy moving.)
  • A feeling of cold without a physical source.
  • A feeling of something moving through us like wind or a stream or current of warm water.
  • Pressure or pushing.
  • A pulsing sensation that is not in time with one's heartbeat. (Usually a balancing "Healing Pulse".)
  • A sensation of bubbles rising like carbonated water or Alka-Seltzer.
  • A "clanging" sensation like striking a piece of metal held in your hand with a hammer.
  • A spinning sensation.
  • A sense of lightness that wasn't present before.
  • A sense of expansion in some way.
  • A shift in consciousness like meditation.
  • A sudden sigh. (Denotes that you are getting relieved of something.)

Energy clearing and charging:

All energy has a pure power component something like the carrier wave (power) of a radio signal and carries information (Not like data, but, Consciousness, or "Knowing") like the accompanying music that comes out of your radio receiver. The Consciousness of some energy is negative because it is crystallized disembodied thought energy from someone or something. Sometimes energy has attached emotional and judgmental labels affixed to it by Human Consciousness. The energy of emotions and thoughts are like that. The original factory label on all energy is "LOVE". Sometimes we humans paste other labels over that one, like mark-down stickers on bargain basement clothing! By stripping those labels and negative Consciousness while correcting any imbalance, the energy returns to pure Love.

People, places, and things all absorb and trade energies. Sometimes we get too much of something, or have a lack of it because it has been taken from us or because we gave it away. This creates an imbalance that makes us feel bad emotionally or psychologically, or feel physically unhealthy. Places and objects absorb human and other emanations, store them up, and radiate them back out. We are positively affected by loving emanations and negatively affected by fear-based ones.

The good news is that all energy can be cleared of disharmony, imbalance, and negative consciousness and labels. Likewise objects that contain or conduct a lot of energy, like jewelry, rocks and crystals, homeopathic and flower essence remedies, Shaman tools, pendulums, tuning forks, water, etc., can be cleared and their vital energies actually charged back up the way you would charge a battery.

Energy clearing can be done in many ways and many methods have been used in different parts of the World over time. Some people clear with the smoke of fragrant herbs (Like white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or incense.) Some use water, fire, or burial in the ground. Others use sound (Bells, singing bowls, ting-shas, tuning forks, or voice.) to clear energy. Healing energy like Reiki or prayer is also used for clearing. It is our experience that all forms of clearing work and yet they all seem to clear different frequencies or vibrations. You may sense the energy of a crystal after clearing it with sage smoke and then feel something different if you then run clear water over it. The jury is still out on just what might be going on in this case. It may be that each method clears one or more of a number of overlapping energies, but not all of them.

This is one of the most important uses of some of our Tools for Transformation and Healing-- to clear and charge objects, environments, or even people on many levels all at the same time. Some also "bring in" other helpful Spiritual energies that would not otherwise be present. Others are doorways or portals to other dimensions.


Now that you know all about energy, take a look at what we have to offer. Some of them we can describe to you in terms of what they "do" and others we just don't have words for yet!

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