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Send your negative or Life-Limiting beliefs back through your entire Ancestral Line for healing and replace them with postitve, Life-Affirming ones for you and all of your ancestors.

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SendBackLogoWe all have unconscious beliefs and thought patterns inside of us that determine our behaviors, thoughts, and life outcomes and even run our physical bodies. These beliefs and patterns of thinking have come to us in many ways—some were directly taught to us as children, (Like: "GOOD people should feel BAD when they make mistakes.") some we learned from the society we grew up in, as School, Church, and Popular Culture taught us that we are never good enough. We are also infused with outmoded survival beliefs and patterns of logic that are holdovers from our species’ ancient past and other beliefs and patterns that came to us non-verbally and directly through our DNA from our ancestors. (Beliefs and ways of thinking about money, power, sexuality, forgiveness, etc.—like, "I am treated differently and unfairly.") Some beliefs and thought patterns are from our own past life experiences—such as, "Being a Spiritual healer or psychic is dangerous, or even fatal!" Some fear-based beliefs and ways of reasoning we just plain made up when we were children and didn’t have the intellectual power to understand the adult world around us.

Have you been feeling like you were in some kind of prison that kept you from becoming who you really are, what you know yourself to be in your heart and Soul? The beliefs and thought patterns within you on the unconscious or mind/body level about yourself, others, and the world around you are the bars of that prison. Saying affirmations may not help you to change at all if every time you say, "I am good, safe, and protected", your unconscious mind puts a big red ‘X’ through it and says, "Oh no I’m NOT!" At best, affirmations may only install a counter belief or mental construct along with the limiting one, causing more conflict and confusion.

Sometimes our unconscious beliefs and unconscious thought patterns are in conflict with each other, draining our energy and creating disharmony within us. We have found that our "beliefs" tend to be more emotional and our "thoughts" or "thought patterns" more reason based. (Even if the reasons are illogical ones!) What we "believe we believe" may be totally opposite of what we "think we think" and one or both may be in out of alignment with the knowing of our Soul and what we consciously desire.

The good news is that there is now a way to clear yourself of Life-Limiting beliefs and patterns of thought and permanently replace them with Life-Affirming ones, Send Back Technique™. Born at The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center in Burgettstown, PA, (Near Pittsburgh, in the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania) Send Back Technique™ is a simple and powerful way to bring change into your life by changing your mind about yourself and the rest of Creation.

Send Back Technique™ starts with using your awareness of yourself and the world around you to inspect your unconscious belief system and habitual thoughts. What reoccurring outcomes have you been getting that you don’t really want. Are you automatically reacting in negative ways in particular situations? When do you feel fear, doubt, or lack of esteem? What are the beliefs and ways of thinking that may be bringing these feelings, actions, and situations into your life? Where might they have come from—your childhood, your DNA, or a past life?

Next, Kinesiology (muscle testing) is employed to determine what beliefs or mental patterns you hold on the unconscious or mind/body level. These beliefs and thoughts may be totally opposite to what you consciously "thought" you believed. Old, fear-based beliefs and specific thoughts are then "Sent Back" through your ancestral lines—all the way back through your first human ancestors who stood upright on this Earth, to be transmuted. (Cleared, cleansed, rendered harmless, and recycled.) Next, a new, Love-based belief or way of thinking is "Sent Back" to all of your ancestors to be put in it’s place.

Part energy distance healing, part invocation, prayer, or decree, Send Back Technique™ allows you to change for yourself and for your ancestors any beliefs or destructive ways of thinking you have acquired from them, past lives, and present life experience. It sends healing back to your entire ancestral line at the same time and improves the flow of energy coming to you via your ancestral chain. This remarkable change is achieved through the recitation (out loud) of the special Send Back Invocations™ that were channeled and fine tuned by Brad Silberberg, Minister, Healer, and Co-Director of The Mesa Healing Center. (Sorry, we are not releasing the text of the Send Back Invocations™ at this time. They will be included in an upcoming book about Send Back Technique™.)

Changing your unconscious beliefs and automatic thoughts not only allows you to feel different about yourself in familiar situations, but, by changing what unconscious signals and intentions you send out to The Universe, actually changes the way Reality (With a capital ‘R’!) operates for you—bringing you better life outcomes through the process of positive manifestation. Getting better outcomes then reinforces your positve beliefs and thoughts, and things just keep getting better and better!

Right now, there are something like 6 billion people on the Earth. We all descended from a far smaller number of common humanoid ancestors. Since you are always connected to your ancestry through your DNA, you are subject to a flow of Ancestral Energy that has been with you since the moment of your conception. This flow is shaped by the experience, ways of thinking, and beliefs of those who came before you. If your own Soul is eternal, so too are the Souls of your ancestors—they still exist somewhere, and may not have been able to heal and release these damaging beliefs and automatic thoughts from the past. Luckily, remote or distance healing is not subject to our belief-limited reality of time and space, and we can Send healing Back to the Souls of all of our ancestors—all the way back to the first ones who stood upright, as Human Beings. This healing helps your ancestors, and boomerangs back to you through your DNA connection. But who else is connected to your ancestors through the same DNA you possess? Your family memebers may also benefit from what we call "Colateral Healing" as the flow of energy coming forward from your ancestors brings healing to them as well. There are still other Souls who share your ancestors, but are not your blood relatives. (After all, how many caveman ancestors did Humanity have?) Using Send Back Technique™ sends healing through the branches of your entire family tree. As a result, healing goes out to a huge web of souls and has an effect on the Collective Unconscious of all of Humanity. In this way, Send Back Technique™ is an opportunity to actively change the world into a better place for all of us.

Those who have experienced Send Back Technique™ have gone through profound changes. They have experienced less fear, doubt, and worry, dropping away of old habits, greater energy and clarity of thought, heightened sense of connectedness, and physical changes in sleep, hunger, and other patterns. They have noticed that "The World" has begun to change around them as blocks to their progress evaporate. They have felt a real connection with their ancestry and a sense of the joy and gratitude of their forbearers as they do this healing work for not just their own ancestors, but all of Humanity as well. Imagine the process like this:

Envision a long line of people—all of your ancestors back to your first Humanoid ones that made the transition to Homo Sapiens by choosing to stand upright as Human Beings, standing in a line. This line snakes for miles over hill and dale off into the distance. Each ancestor is holding a box of dung-- representing Life-Limiting, fear-based beliefs or ways of thinking acquired in various ways. Now imagine going down the line with a wheel barrow and collecting the boxes from each one. (You do this in Spirit Time, so it takes no time at all!) Each of your ancestors thanks you for helping them release this burden they are so tired of carrying, yet didn’t know how to put down. When you get to the end of the line and collect the last box, you dump it all in a pile, set it on fire and burn it— purifying and recycling the whole thing. Every one is so relieved and happy. This is the first Invocation of Send Back Technique™.

In the second Invocation, see yourself going back to the front of the line and taking the tiller of a wagon full of gifts wrapped in bright paper—each box containing new, Life-Affirming, Love-based beliefs and better reasoning. This time you go down the line and give each ancestor several of the gifts. They each, in turn, give you a warm hug and express love and heartfelt gratitude. At some point along the line, looking back over your shoulder, you notice that your ancestors are giving some of the gifts to other people not in the line who are related to THEM, but are not your direct ancestors. You continue on, quickly going all the way to the end of the line, giving out gifts, all the way back to your first ancestors who stood upright as human beings. Thinking your work is now done, you go back to the front of the line, where you are ASTONISHED to find that all of your ancestors have passed gifts forward and put them in a pile waiting there for YOU! Somehow, the pile contains more gifts than you gave out.

Send Back Technique™ can be used by an indiviual alone but it is most powerful when done with a group of people in a Send Back Circle™. In a Circle, beliefs and ways of thinking are discussed and tested for, precise wording is selected, and then the Send Back™ Invocations are read by a leader and repeated aloud, a few words at a time, by the entire Circle, the first Invocation to clear the old belief or thought and the second to put a new one in its place. Participants often feel movement of energy and emotion inside them or streaming out of them during and after the Invocations as they let go of the old and are repatterned. Many people feel the presence of their ancestors for the first time and sometimes hear or see them in what can be a profoundly emotional experience.

Send Back Technique™ is an ongoing process of self-discovery and self-help, as new revelations about your Life-Limiting beliefs and habitual thinking continually emerge to be dealt with and cleared. How many beliefs do you figure you have within you, governing your internal "operating system?" Millions? How many would you guess are negative? These beliefs are often interconnected and intertwined. Sometimes "flipping" one belief or thought pattern to positive changes only that specific belief or thought and other times many related beliefs and/or thoughts fall like dominos with a single Send Back™. As you progress, you will begin to feel an increased lightness in your Ancestral Flow energy and experience less fear and doubt. This allows you to better manifest the good life outcomes you want, need, and deserve.

Here is a brief list of pairs of Life-Limiting (negative) and Life-Affirming (positive) beliefs or thoughts that we have found to be very common and very powerful. (Our full Beliefs List is now up to 56 pages and growing!) Which of them do you hold, consciously or on the mind/body level? Which would you LIKE to?


Life-Limiting belief or thought:

Life-Affirming belief or thought:

"I'm not allowed to be IN love with myself."


"I AM allowed and always have been allowed to be IN love with myself, starting NOW."

"I don't belong."


"I am welcome, in Love, wherever I go."

"Resentment is an automatic part of who I am."


"Resentment is just a habit, so I stop doing it, and Love myself, NOW."

"No matter what I do, I never get to BE right."


When I’m right, I get to BE right."

"I'm not allowed to renegotiate my position."


"I AM allowed to renegotiate my position, starting NOW."

"I'm not allowed to surrender."


"I AM allowed to surrender, so I allow myself to surrender to God, Love, and Life, starting NOW."

"I’m always slow, I’m always behind, and I’m always late."


"I do everything in Divine Timing."

"I am treated differently and unfairly."


"I am always treated fairly and equally with others."

"I am what I was."


"I am what I'm going to be, what my Soul desires for me."

"It's impossible to have enough time to do what I want and need to do."


"It IS possible to have enough time to do what I want and need to do, and I have PLENTY, NOW."

"It's impossible to have enough money to do what I want and need to do."


"It IS possible to have enough money to do what I want and need to do, and I have PLENTY, NOW."

"The world is made of FEAR."


"The world is made of LOVE."

"I need permission to stop grieving about my traumas."


"I can give myself permission to stop grieving, so I give MYSELF permission to stop grieving, NOW."

"Trust and abuse are the same."


"Trust and abuse are different and NOT the same, so I allow myself to trust and release abuse, starting NOW."

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Send Back Technique™ is only available at this time at The Mesa Creative Arts Center, with other venues to follow. Participants are asked to first attend an introductory class about the origns, use, and application of Send Back Technique™ and then are given the opportunity to join an ongoing Send Back Circle™. Send Back Circles™ are not classes—they are Transformative Healing Circles. Please contact us by phone or email if you are interested in finding out more about Send Back Technique™ or joining a Send Back Circle™.

Send Back™ originator Brad Silberberg also helps individual clients to determine what their personal limiting beliefs are and helps them to Send them Back in private sessions. Call 724-947-3097 for an appointment. Send Back Technique™ also works very well over the telephone and we invite those out of our area to call for more information or to set up a phone session.

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