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The Mesa Creative Arts Center

The Mesa Creative Arts Center
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In September of 1999, artist and healer Brad Silberberg had the opportunity to visit his blacksmithing friend Uri Hoffi on the Ein Shemer Kibbutz in Israel to teach his metalworking techniques to Hoffi's students. He was impressed with how the collection of remodeled farm buildings had been turned into a kind of community center for the arts. Artists came to take a classes, teach, or use studio time. The inhabitants of the Kibbutz came in to see what was happening, chat, or participate. Artists from other fields were brought in to take part in special events. It became Brad's dream to establish such a community center for the arts back at his studio in the Washington DC area. Life circumstances, however, didn't permit this to happen at the time.

In 2002, Brad met Kate (Neal) Silberberg and saw the possibility of establishing that gathering place for the arts with Kate near her home in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In April of 2003, Brad moved his art studio and workshop to Burgettstown, PA (Washington County), and together they opened their center for arts and crafts in the old Miller Airport on Rt. 18, near Frankfor Springs, PA, (close to the Post-Gazette Pavilion and Raccoon Creek State Park).

Standing on the wide grassy plateau that used to serve as a runway for small airplanes, Kate and Brad were struck by how this unusual high flat place backed by state game lands resembled the flat-topped mountain formation called a "mesa" (Prounonced "May-sa"-- Spanish for "table") that they had often seen in the great American Southwest. They noticed how good the Earth energy felt there and how the wide open space and big sky made them feel at home. Within days, they began refering to their new location as "The Mesa". It remains a peaceful place of nature-- rural and quiet, where it's still dark enough to see the stars at night.

In the Fall of 2003, The Mesa Creative Arts Center began to offer classes in art, crafts, and Holistic and Natural healing as well as a welcoming sanctuary for a new community where each person could seek thier own spiritual and creative nature in an atomosphere of love and support.

The mission of "The Mesa" is for it to be a gathering place for people of all ages who want to develop their creativity and awareness and become part of a community dedicated to multiculturalism, spiritual enlightenment, expanding consciousness, and healing ourselves through the arts. Whether to take a class, teach, use studio time, buy works of art and crafts, receive holistic healing sessions, or just visit, all are welcome to participate on whatever level appeals to them. (See our ads in Point of Light Magazine.)

We invite you to visit The Mesa and just experience its energy for yourself. Call before you visit or just join us for our free Meditation sessions, every Wednesday

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Art Studio photo

The Mesa Art and Craft Studio

evening at 7 pm!

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The heart of The Mesa is our 2,500 square foot Craft Studio and classroom, attached to our 800 square foot Mesa Gift Shop (see below) and office area. We use the converted airplane hangar as a multipurpose space, re-arranging the furniture to accomdate hands-on classes, lectures, movies, and potluck dinners for 40 people or more held after our Medicine Wheel ceremonies.

The Craft Studio is fully equipped with tools and machines for wood working, blacksmithing, welding and machining, leather work, ceramics, wood and stone carving, stained glass, glass bead making, and much more. We have installed full spectrum lighting for our health and well being. There is plenty of outside space as well for stone carving, sawdust firing of ceramics, and construction of large projects.

Never taken an art class before? Convinced you don't have a creative bone in your body? Start where you are! We are all artists in our souls-- we just need to find ways to allow our creativity to emerge. The child inside of you wants to play. Come play with us! (We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover in payment for classes. We can make arrangements for a payment schedule if needed. Please do not let lack of funds stop you from attending. We sometimes can make special arrangements.)

Consider coming for a one or two week retreat of spiritual development, introspection, and artistic exploration! We can make special arrangements for individual art instruction, spiritual coaching, and healing sessions.

What's new at "The Mesa"...? See our Newsletter!

Like to receive our emailed annoucements and class updates...? Send us an email!

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Gift shop photo

The Mesa Gift Shop
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The Mesa Gift Shop offers a wide array of rocks and crystals, candles, books, insence, statues of Buddha and Quan Yin, tee shirts, Himalayan salt lamps, and other meditation, healing, and consciousness expanding items, as well as our own hand made jewelry, medicine bags, dream catchers, wall art, singing bowls, healing energy tools, and much more. The gift shop is open whenever classes or events are scheduled and the following regular hours: (Call us in advance if you're going to be in the area at other times to see if we'll be around when you want to drop in--724-947-3097.)

Mesa Gift Shop Hours:
Friday, 11am-7pm
Saturday, 10am-3pm
Sunday, Noon-4pm

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

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Healing Center photo

The Mesa Healing Center
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Treatment room photo

On the second floor of The Mesa above the Gift Shop is our Mesa Healing Center where we help people on an indiviual basis with a full spectrum of Hoslistic and Natural Healing modalities. The larger room of the Healing Center (pictured above) is a comfortable and intimate classroom space where we hold our Shaman Circles, Send Back™ Circles, meditation, crystal healing, and breathwork classes. It's filled with rocks and crystals and other things that add to the good energy. The smaller room (picture at left) we use a treatment room for working with healing clients.

The Healing Center is a converted efficiency apartment with a kitchen and full bath that we occasionally rent out for overnight accomodations for visiting teachers or students who have come from far away.


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Medicine wheel photo

The Mesa Medicine Wheel

At the front of The Mesa is our Native American Medicine Wheel. The Wheel is a place for all to come for meditation, introspection, healing, learning, and prayer. We believe that it creates a vortex of healing energy that benefits all things in the surrounding area. Check our Calendar page for events scheduled in The Wheel.


Wildflowers at The Mesa

The Lake

We call the whole area around The Mesa Creative Arts Center, "The Mesa", and it abounds in natural beauty. Hillman State Park, directly behind The Mesa, is home to deer, wild turkeys, blue birds, killdeer, barn swallows, kingbirds, orioles and other birds, and supplies us with natural materials for creative projects. The nearby lake has bass and sunfish and is visited by muskrat, geese, and great blue herons. In the spring, the fields burst forth with over two dozen kinds of wildflowers, and the rains bring a small wetland to life with dragon flies, tadpoles and rushes. The Mesa is also close to Raccoon Creek State Park with it's camping facilties, wildflower reserve, and hiking trails.

Because it is one of the few wide open spaces around, the wind is almost always blowing at The Mesa, and the old runway area is a great place to fly a kite!

The nearby Miller Golf Center offers a well groomed driving range in a pastoral setting.

Nearby Acommodations:

There are motels within 10 minutes of and an easy drive to The Mesa on Three Springs Drive in nearby Weirton, WV-- a Holiday Inn (304-723-5522) and Baymont Inn and Suites (304-723-0050, Or stay at Timbercrest Inn Bed and Breakfast (724) 729-7221 or There is also camping available at Bennet Acres Campground (724) 947-5120, within one mile of The Mesa and at Raccoon Creek State Park, which also provides both rustic and more comfortable cabins and tent camping.

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When are we open for a visit? We are always at The Mesa when a class or event is scheduled and for Gift Shop hours. We welcome visitors and are available at other times by appointment. We are usually in the Mesa workshop-- creating our artwork, preparing for an upcoming class, or in the Mesa Healing Center helping others.

Since we often hold classes and events that run late into the evening, it's more likely to catch up to us at The Mesa in the afternoon. Please call ahead to make sure we are going to be in when you want to stop by. We frequently check our message machine and always return calls-- so please leave us a message if we don't answer the phone! 724-947-3097

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Directions to The Mesa Creative Arts Center:

Miller Airport Rd photo

Get Yahoo Map (Note: The turn onto Miller Business Park Dr. is marked by the red star on the map.) Please avoid using Mapquest. It has NO IDEA where we really are!

From Pittsburgh and the South Hills: Take the Parkway West (279South) toward the Airport. At the split with I-79, move left and take Rt 22/30 towards the Airport (and Robinson Town Center).

Take Exit for Rt. 22/30 West toward Weirton, WV. (Just before Robinson TC)

Get off at the Rt.18 Burgettstown/Florence exit. Stay in the left lane and, at the end of the ramp, turn LEFT onto Rt. 18 toward Frankfort Springs.

Go straight through one light at Old Steubenville Pike and continue on Rt. 18 for about 1-1/2 miles until you see the Miller Golf Center on your RIGHT.

The next building on the right is Mary's Motorcycle Haven. Turn RIGHT just beyond their parking lot.onto Miller Airport Rd. Look for our YELLOW Mesa Creative Arts Center sign, high up on the signboard. (If you see Grubb's Auto Wrecking on the left, you've past us!)

Follow Miller Airport Rd. as it winds about 1/3 mile up the hill past some houses and a lake on the LEFT. At the top of the hill, you will see a yellow house with a green roof on the RIGHT. Make the next LEFT onto the cinder driveway (Miller Business Park Dr.- no street sign!) where you see our YELLOW Mesa sign. The Mesa is straight ahead in the first hangar building.

From Washington, PA: Take Rt 18 North (Jefferson St.) Towards Burgettstown, PA. and Raccoon Creek State Park.

Continue through all of Burgettstown, (3 traffic lights) pass the Pepsi Road House and the Post-Gazette Pavilion on your left.

Cross over Rt 22, continuing straight at traffic lights and pick up directions in blue, above.

From Beaver: Get onto to Rt 18 South, heading towards Raccoon Creek State Park.

Pass the park and continue several miles until your see Grubb's Auto Wrecking on your RIGHT.

Make the next RIGHT onto Miller Airport Rd. and follow the directions above.

From North of the Airport:: Take Rt 60 South towards the airport.

Take the new toll road ($.50), Rt 576, towards Weirton, WV to the very end at Rt 22.

Turn right onto Rt 22 and follow directions in blue, above.

From the North Hills, Cranberry, Zelienople, Erie: Take I-79 South towards Pittsburgh.

Get off at the Rt 60 West exit toward the Airport and Robinson Town Center.

Continue through all of Robinson, pass Staples and Get-Go gas station on your left and continue straight. past the Pittsburgh and Airport exits. The road becomes Rt 22/30 West toward Weirton, WV. Follow directions in blue, above.

From Weirton, WV and Steubenville, Ohio: Take Rt. 22 East toward Pittsburgh, PA.

Get off at the Burgettstown/Florence exit and go straight when the ramp splits. Turn LEFT onto Rt. 18 and follow the directions in blue, above.

From Wheeling, WV or I-70 in Ohio: Get off I-70 East in Wheeling. Follow signs for Rt 7 North towards Weirton, WV. (You have to make several turns to stay on Rt 7 North.)

Take ramp for Rt 22 towards Pittsburgh. Move to left ASAP to stay on Rt22 past Weirton.

Get off at the Rt 18 Burgettstown/Florence exit and follow the directions in blue, above.

Mesa sign

Mesa Creative Arts, Inc.

30 Miller Business Park Dr.

Burgettstown, PA 15021

(724) 947-3097

© 2004-2007 Mesa Creative Arts, Inc. All rights reserved.