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7" x 7" Stained Glass Pyramids

Green pyramid photoWe craft our Stained Glass Pyramids with the utmost care to ensure precise construction and coherent energy. We use them to bring the healing and wisdom energy of the ancient Egyptian pyramids into our environment. We also employ them for Color Therapy, using them to solarize water, crystals, vibrational remedies, etc., with colored light. Just put the object to be imbued with color energy under the pyramid and place it out under the Sun for several hours. Placing the pyramid on a mirror greatly magnifies and enhances the results.

We make two pyramid shapes, one taller and one flatter. Both have the built in base to add structural and energetic stability. We can custom craft pyramids for you in the shape and color you want. Call or email for pricing and availability. 724-947-3097.

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