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Singing Bowls produce harmonic sounds and soothing vibrational energy and are used for mediation and sound healing therapy. Originally made and used by the ancient monks of Tibet, their healing power was kept secret. Antique singing bowls were made from an alloy of seven metals. Our bowls are hand hammered from sheets of yellow brass and range in size from 6-14 inches in diameter. Each has its own unique "voice" and can be played by striking it with a soft mallet or by "rimming" the bowl-- slowly rubbing around the rim with a special stick (hand turned on our wood lathe) to get it to "sing". These "voices" change depending on whether the stick is moved slow or fast. The initial sounds sometimes "resolve" into a single clear note.

Solfeggio Singing Bowls

When Brad Silberberg first started making singing bowls, he attempted to tune them to specific notes. In time, he came to realize that Spirit was guiding him to just let them be what they became and sound their own healing song!

Recently, Brad has been directed to work with the notes of the Solfeggio Scale, used in ancient Christian Gregorian Chants. These healing frequencies are now being used as powerful tools to bring in the information of balance and harmony carried by this Spiritual vibration. After training as a practitioner and teacher with Solfeggio tuning forks from SomaEnergetics™, he is now making singing bowls tuned to the Solfeggio Scale available to you!

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