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Borromean Tubes are made of three intersecting metal tubes and are named for the famous Borromean rings design. That pattern of three rings first appeared on the family crest of the Italian Borromi family of the Middle Ages. The three rings were interlocked so that if one were cut, all three would separate. The pattern is also part of Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life. The pointed oval shape made by two intersecting circles is call a "Vessica Pisces" and represents the joining of God and Man. This is, in part, why Jesus was represented with the symbol of a fish.

Big tubes photoIf you put three rings together in the Borromean shape, they will generate, receive, or concentrate energy. It doesn't matter if they are metal rings or made from woven grass. The smaller the center opening of the arrangement, the more concentrated the enrgy will feel. We've made our Borromean Tubes by interlocking three brass or copper tubes into the Borromi pattern. These tubes bring the three ring energy into a new Sacred Geometry form by adding a height dimension to the other wise flat rings. They are very polar in nature and have "postive" and "negative" poles. By placing them at your feet, you may feel energy moving upwards through you with one pole upwards and energy moving down when the tubes are flipped over. We keep them in The Mesa to bring in whatever Earth energy or Inter-Dimensional energies they add to our space. We sometimes combine them with crystals for hands on healing.

We custom make our Borromean tubes from available stock tubes, usually 1-1/2" to 2" in diameter and 2" to 3" high. Call or email us for pricing. 724-947-3097.

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