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Spiritual Development, Healing, Art, & Native American Classes We Offer

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"Humanity cannot depend on evolution for its enlightenment.  We just don't have the time."- Artist and healer, Brad Silberberg

Art/Craft Classes:
Wood Carving
Glass Bead Making
Polymer Clay
Paper Making
Children’s Crafts
Stained Glass
Wire-wrapping Gems
Jewelry Making
Papier Maché
Journal Making
Tie Dye
Making Greeting Cards
Wood Turning
Nature Crafts
Gourd Art
Metal crafts

Holistic & Natural Healing Classes:
Reiki Energy Healing
Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
Ilahinoor (Divine Light)
Send Back Technique™
Tuning Fork Healing
Seashell Healing
Chakra Balancing
Space Clearing
Crystal Healing
Earth Healing
Making Flower Essences
Aroma Therapy
Sound Healing
Feng Shui
Spirit Deposession
Emotional Release Techniques
Angel Healing
Soul Retrieval
Talking to Illness
Color Healing
ADHD or Indigo Child?
Magical Thinking Healing™

Spiritual Development Classes:
Hatha Yoga
Connecting to Spirit Guides
Developing Psychic Gifts
Manifesting Abundance
Incarnation and Reincarnation
Toning and Chanting
Tai Ch’i
Using Pendulums
Setting an Altar
Indigo Child Education
Mind/Body Awareness
Rituals in Everyday Life
Releasing Karma
Sacred Geometry
Exploring Past Lives
Divination and Dowsing
Transformation Art
Dealing with Negativity
Having Spiritual Relationships
Quantum Physics and Oneness
Self Empowerment

Native American Classes:
Medicine Wheel Construction
Sacred Ceremonies
Ceremonial Songs
Drum Making
Cedar Flute Making
Dream Catchers
Talking Sticks
Prayer Feathers and Fans
Native American Spirituality
Mayan Calendar Teachings
Rattle Making
Making Medicine Bags
Medicine Wheel Gardening
Animal Totems

Other Events:
Solstice & Equinox Events
Drum Circles
Spirit Fairs
Healing Shares
Kid’s Art Camp
Spiritual Movie Night
Psychic Readings
Earth Day Celebration
Mexican Day of the Dead

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You’ve been taught a lot in your life;
what to do, how to think, what to wear, who to like, what you can and can’t do, who God is, what’s good and what’s bad.  You’ve mostly been taught by being presented with “facts” that were at best second hand experiences by teachers who had never really seen or felt what they were telling you about.  Opportunities for personal, hands-on experience were limited by time, resources, and the imagination and open-mindedness of those who taught you.  You were encouraged to pay attention and absorb the truth of others without questioning that truth or looking for your own.

You’ve been trained to fit in as best as you can with Society, but were you really taught how to think for yourself or fully experience Life directly?  You were taught how to read, add numbers, and recite data, but did anyone ever teach you that you create your reality or how to be true to your Soul’s nature?  That’s why you’ve really come here to this Earth for your current lifetime anyway, to heal yourself, be creative, grow as a Soul, and move forward on your Spiritual Path.  “But what about getting jobs, buying houses, paying bills, or keeping up with the latest electronic gadgets?”, you might ask.  All of that is simply “the entertainment”.

At The Mesa Creative Arts Center we teach creativity, Love, Peace, Oneness, compassion, multiculturalism, and that all things are inextricably connected.  We’ll also help you learn to throw a clay pot, carve a flute, paint a landscape, or make a necklace.  We teach men that it’s OK to cry and women that they can be powerful without force.  We teach children about personal Spirituality and the workings of metaphysics.  We teach people about Spiritual and Healing energy and co-creating with the Higher Realms to live a better life and create a better world.  We teach these things by helping you to experience them directly, not just by telling you that they are so.

Stained glass classes
Stained Glass

Ceramics classes

Drum circles
Drum Circles

Healing photo
Holistic Healing

We remind people that each one of us has innate value, unique gifts, and access to Divine power and creativity.  What we are really teaching our students is how to be Human Beings by remembering who they are on the level of their Eternal Presence.  We help people of all ages understand that the world of matter is not based strictly on physical phenomenon but is materiospiritual in nature, in that Spiritual energy and Divine Consciousness are the blueprints and building blocks of all things, all events, and all outcomes and they are continually creating them.

We offer a diverse array of classes designed to help you become more creative, connect with the Natural World, gain understanding about your psyche’s inner workings, and learn to heal yourself and others.  We’ll help you expand your awareness of the Higher Realms of the Spirit World and the vast universe that is your own Being.  Classes are taught by Mesa founders Brad and Kate Silberberg as well as locally, nationally, and internationally known invited guests.  We also offer retreats for individuals or groups and present programs for private, civic, or business organizations at your location or at The Mesa.  Below you’ll find a sampling of what we offer.  We schedule our classes in 3 month blocks of time (Dec/Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr/May, etc.).  Some classes are repeated frequently, but others may be one-time-only offerings, so it pays to show up.

Wood carving photo
Wood Carving

Mandala photo
Mandala Drawing

Native American teachings
Native American
Children's classes
Children’s Classes

Convinced you don't have a creative bone in your body? Never taken an art class before?   Intimidated by the concept of healing yourself or helping to heal others?  Don’t know what Charkras are or how to meditate? Start where you are!  We are all artists and healers in our souls-- we just need to find ways to allow our creativity and our Spiritual gifts to emerge. The child inside of you wants to play. Come play with us! 

Check our Calendar of Classes and Events for our current schedule and welcome to “Human Being School”

The Mesa Creative Arts Center is wheel chair accessible.  Please let us know if you have special needs before arriving.

We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover in payment for classes.

We can make arrangements for a payment schedule if needed.  Please do not let lack of funds stop you from attending.  We are sometimes able to make special arrangements.


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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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