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TC Energy Design and Nature’s Design GmbH Glassware and Ceramics Revitalize Water, Food- Harmonize Your Home

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TC Energy Design carafes, glasses, and energy plates and the new Nature’s Design GmbH drinking straws, bowls, ceramic mugs, and teapots use the structural physics of Sacred Geometry to revitalize water, restore its memory, and improve its life giving benefits.  Origninally designed by Austrian musician and glassblower Thomas Chochola, TC glassware and the new Nature’s Design products greatly enhance the taste of water, juices, milk, wine, other liquids and foods while improving their biological value--  all in just three minutes.  Drinking water vitalized by TC carafes can help you cleanse your body of toxic agents and attain greater health.

TC Energy Design carafes repattern even tap water into structured water without electricity, magnets, added minerals, or gizmos in just 3 minutes.
TC Energy Design Water Carafe Sizes: Left to right, .5L “Delicate” , 2.3L “Family”, and 1.3L “Alladin”.

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Why is water so important?

water crystal photosWater is one of the most unusual substances on Earth.  We humans have long known of its healing and restorative powers, but are just beginning to understand its amazing ability to remember.  The groundbreaking work of Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that water reacts to its environment, including how it is processed for consumption.  Sending water through straight pipes and sharp, right angle bends at high pressure, filtering, distilling, or storing it in plastic containers robs water of its natural life force and causes water to lose its natural structure and memory.  Our bodies are largely made of water and your health reflects the health of the water you consume.  Putting water from spring, tap, or bottle into the TC Energy Design carafes for just 3 minutes restructures it back into more harmonious form and reestablishes much of the primordial memory of water, the blueprint for all life.  This effect from TC carafes has been graphically shown through frozen water crystal photography by the firm of E. F. Braun, of Burgistein, Switzerland.  (at left)  The change enhances the biological value of water to nourish and cleanse the body, more readily bringing nutrients into cells and pulling out toxins.  The difference can be felt, tasted, and energetically sensed by most people right away.

Water from TC carafes feels and tastes better to drink, and is profoundly higher in vibration and organization than regular water, so you’ll drink more water.  When we brought home our first carafes we could feel our bodies go quickly into detox on the first day we began using water from them.  After drinking this living water for a couple of weeks, we felt (and continue to feel) more energized, healthier, and motivated.  We can feel that the fabric of our energy bodies and consciousness have shifted to a higher vibration level in the process, not only changing our health, but also our lives.  What with all of the “healthy water” on the market these days, does the water we drink really need to be structurally altered to be truly healing for us?  Isn’t it enough for it to be chemically pure?

To get a better understanding of water, its memory, how water affects us, and vice versa, we recommend watching the 90 minute video, “Water-The Great Mystery”.  This movie shows the work of Dr. Emoto, European, and (primarily) Russian scientists studying what water is, as well as what it does.  Studies are beginning to show what our bodies already knew, that something is wrong with our water.  We have hurt it.  It has been contaminated not only by our chemical pollution, but by our our thoughts, deeds, and consciousness of conflict, separation, and scarcity.   In one amazing scene, an American doctor draws blood from a patient and looks at it under a microscope.  The red cells are seen to have lost their electrical charge and are clumped together, predisposing the patient to several life threatening conditions.  Just 12 minutes after drinking a small glass of structured water, the patient’s blood is again taken and viewed under the microscope.  Now the red cells have regained their charge and are more separate, fluid, and mobile.

Here is what Lakota Elder and Medicine Man, Wallace Black Elk, had to say about the origins of the Lakota word for water,mni:

Ni means “breath of life”, so mni identifies that water is life— living water.  Water is a living.  But in English the word water doesn’t say that it is living or anything; water is just water.  But in Lakota it is identified with the life.”

--- Grandfather Wallace Black Elk

TC Energy Design glassware brings water back to life.


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Hand Crafted in Europe

Mouth-blown of heavy metal-free glass by European craftsmen, TC Energy Design carafes repattern even tap water into structured water without electricity, magnets, added minerals, or gizmos in just 3 minutes.  (The better the quality of the water used, the better the results.)  They make it easy to quickly and inexpensively make as much structured water as you want.  The restored energy and memory of the water is then stable outside of the carafes (in a glass bottle for instance) for about a week according to TC literature.  (Indefinitely if kept in the carafe itself.)  Water transferred to a plastic bottle will still retain its energy structure, but only for 24 hours or so, an effect of the molecular and informational structure of plastic.  You can also use TC carafes to revitalize juice, milk, wine, or any other liquids, enhancing their taste in the process.

TC carafe with BuddhaIt is simply the form of the amazing TC Energy Design products that make liquids healthier to drink and noticeably improves their taste.  Their shape has been based on principles of music and the numerical Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc), a progression which forms the basis of many structures in the natural world, such as the spiral of a Nautilus shell, growth patterns of leaves, and the fractal patterns of coastlines.  These vessels act as receivers and containers for restructuring energy and information that returns things to their true nature.  Fired in fine detail onto the bottom of the carafes at temperatures just over 1000°F in white, rainbow colors, or 23.8k gold is the ”Flower of Life” pattern.  Considered holy in many cultures, this Sacred Geometry pattern that appeared on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples contains the patterns of Creation as things emerged from the "Great Void".  This adds to the consciousness changing effects of the carafes and though available without, we recommend using only carafes with the Flower of Life inscribed.

Remarkably, the harmonizing effects of these vessels also change the energy of the environment they are placed within.  (The maker claims only a 2 meter distance, but we feel the effects reach much farther than that.)  We felt that energy when we handled our first  “Alladin” carafe when removing it from its box.  When we put water in it, we could feel the life energy of our Healing Center clear and expand as the water’s restored energy and consciousness radiated out into the building.  Any energetic substance or object (vitamins, Bach Flower Remedies, essential oils, jewelry, crystals, etc) we put in, on, or near one of the carafes was noticeably enlivened by it in 3 minutes. 

We experimented with food, putting almonds and other dry foods in an empty carafe and foods like whole apples on top of the flared mouth of a water filled one.  (Several friends said the almonds became actually softer to chew.)  The best effects seems to come from soaking fruits and vegetables for 5 minutes or longer in water that had been in the carafe, whereby the water in the food is influenced to restructure.  The energy of the foods treated this way feel greatly expanded and more lively when we eat them.  They seem to taste and feel  “bigger” and better, and yet familiar somehow.  It is as if our bodies recall how food used to be in simpler times before technological production, processing, and pollution degraded the energy and consciousness of much of what we consume.  In one test, we put 100% blueberry juice in a “Delicate” carafe for 3 minutes and then compared it to the same juice from the bottle.  While the  juice from the carafe tasted fuller, smoother, and less acidic than before, the energy of it was hugely, astoundingly different.

Flower of Life in 23.8k goldWater responds to sound and light, and so do the TC Energy Design carafes,  further energizing the water inside of them in the process.  We put one of our carafes in front of a stereo speaker and played sacred music through the water.  We could feel lively changes in the environmental energies of the room immediately.  When we drank the water it felt as if the healing frequencies of the music were being carried through our bodies.  It also occurred to us that the Flower of Life pattern on the carafe bottoms might be “activated” to increase the Sacred Geometry effect on the water.  We intuited that using light would be the way to it, so we put a carafe on a glass coffee table and placed an ordinary lamp under the carafe.  As soon as we turned the light on, we could again feel a brighter energy flow through our house.  Drinking water illuminated through the Flower of Life is extremely energizing, motivating, and very high in consciousness and vibration.

We’ve tried our carafes with all kinds of water; tap water, distilled, and bottled waters from around the world, but our favorite by far is rainwater collected directly in a bowl.  When put into a TC carafe, rainwater tasted and felt amazing to drink.  We could almost feel the clouds it came from.  This is because water’s memory is cleared when it undergoes a phase change, such as evaporating, condensing, freezing, or thawing.  Falling rain or melting snow water have the clearest natural memory because they go through their phase changes in accordance with Nature.   We use mostly distilled water in our carafes on a day to day basis because its memory is nearly blank and therefore highly impressionable to cleanly picking up the energy and patterns coming through the glassware. 

We’ve found many uses for the water from our carafes besides drinking it.  Since the average person absorbs around a liter of water from bathing, we add tap water from the carafes to our baths and pour it over our hands and bodies.  Carefully placing a filled carafe in the tub with us feels relaxing, balancing, energizing, and empowering.  At times it has activated past life or spiritual memories.  (Spending time immersed in water also seems to benefit the energy properties of the carafes themselves.) 
We use tap water from our carafes to water houseplants and to give to our pets.  Mesa patrons who have bought TC carafes have found that their dogs and cats prefer the carafe water and drink more of it.  Their houseplants are growing faster with carafe water.  We use TC carafe water for making energy medicines like flower, crystal, and seashell essences.  And although the TC literature says that the water loses its energy structure at higher temperatures, we use it to cook with as well, sensing that at least some of its memory is retained in our food.

Clearing jewelry on TC Energy carafeTo us, each of the TC Energy Design carafes have their own “octave” of energy properties that they impart to whatever is placed in, on, or near them.  The 2.3L “Family” is the deepest and most powerful.  It’s tuned to the note of C, according to Mr. Chohola.  The little .5L “Delicate” is the lightest and highest and is tuned to F.  (It’s the only carafe that can be used with hot liquids.  You can brew tea directly in it.)  The “Alladin” carafes are a middle harmonic and are also tuned to the note of F.  It’s a matter of personal choice as to which size carafe might be the best fit for you.  The same goes for the Flower of Life color.  TC company literature says that gold is best for the immune system, rainbow (called “Happy”) is for children, relieving depression, and for people who are very serious minded.  White is described as the “mildest”, but we chose white for the carafes we continue to use at home and in our Healing Center, in part because light can come through the sandblasted lines of the pattern, not just the spaces in between.  Fortunately, the TC Energy Design carafes are priced reasonably enough to bring home more than one.

TC Energy Design product literature mentions putting your carafe next to your bed at night if you’ve been experiencing illness, to spend the night bathed in its healing energy.  We’ve gotten into the habit of placing it next to the bed every night anyway, to take advantage of its good effects while we sleep.  We have also worked with the energy and consciousness of water and the TC carafes for meditation and energy healing work.  Placing a stoppered, water filled carafe under our chair improved energy flow through our bodies as we sat, increasing the benefits of meditation.  We found that an unstoppered carafe seemed expand our auras, the subtle electromagnetic field around our bodies.  While not so practical for placing on the body during healing sessions, we have placed our carafes below our massage tables during energy healing sessions in our Healing Center, finding that it does add to the overall flow and rebalancing of our clients life systems.

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TC Energy Design Product Testimonials

Reports from our customers about their experiences with their new TC Energy Design products are beginning to filter in.  Here are remarkable stories from a few:

I bought one of the Alladin carafes especially for my husband that has pancreatic cancer.  He has been using it daily and I wanted to tell you what I feel has happened.  He was recently placed on a stronger chemo regime that is a combination of three drugs.  He is at UPMC for three hours and then comes home with a pump that runs for an additional 46 hours with chemo in it.  The first time he had this combo he was down for about 7 days.  Really tired, nauseous, etc.  This time, he was drinking water from the Alladin carafe daily prior to the chemo as well as during and after.  It was amazing.  He was just slightly real nausea or any other side effect.  He has chemo on Friday and the first time he couldn't work Monday or Tuesday and struggled the rest of the week.  This time he has worked every day and again was only slightly tired on Monday.  I credit the Alladin carafe for his health state.  Thank you for demonstrating it to me.  I am so very glad I purchased one.
  --Pam P.

I don’t believe I have ever endorsed a product before but I am moved to recommend highly the TC Energy Design carafe.  In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and seven weeks of radiation.  I healed quickly and had none of the expected side effects from the radiation therapy. I did not even experience much fatigue. However in the summer of 2009 I began to experience severe sleep disturbance and a lack of energy.  I used the healing modalities and crystals that I am accustomed to using but nothing seemed to work for long.   I sought medical attention but blood work and all other tests were normal.  I concluded that it was just a time for rest because nothing I did changed the condition.  The problem persisted until a month or so ago.   In early January 2011 I purchased an Alladin carafe from Mesa Creative Arts.  Within a week my sleep patterns returned to normal as did my energy.  What a difference in my life this has made.  I attribute this change to drinking the water from the carafe. 
In addition, I have spent a lifetime trying to find water that tasted good. Then I found it. The water  “cured” in the carafe is the best I have ever tasted.  It tastes alive and refreshing.  Just wonderful.  If you have been looking for a real “pause that refreshes”, you need to get one of these carafes.  I’d recommend the carafe for anyone.  To me it is a source of the energetic fountain of youth.
  --Nance Stewart

I drank from a Delicate carafe last night and it changed my life.  I was literally giddy for hours afterward.  It tasted amazing!  I cannot wait to spread the word about this and try to help your company.  I have a health blog online and I'd love to feature Mesa Creative Arts in it.
  --Richard Schmitt

The TC carafe makes water taste so good my three year-old daughter now actually asks for water to drink - she never asked to drink water.  Juice and chocolate milk?  Yes, but not water.  The TC carafe is simply awesome.
  --Engkeat (“K.K.”) Teh
    UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine

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Nature’s Design “Calamus” drinking straws

Nature's Design Calamus drinking strawNature’s Design “Calamus” vortex drinking straws also have a Fibonacci based form with internal spiral grooves to spin liquids as they are drawn through them.  These elegantly designed tubes are a highly portable way to harmonize and improve the energy of what you drink in restaurants or while traveling.  They’re fun to use and afford a great way to drink from your .5L “Delicate” carafe or other container.  We’re finding additional uses for our “Calamus” straws and our growing experience with them is showing that they are much more than just something to drink through.

These elegant glass tubes are potent energy wands that can be used to channel higher energies and consciousness.  We’ve experimented by leaving our “Calamus” drinking straws in our water filled carafes for 5 or 10 minutes and find that it raises the vibrational and energy levels of the water even more than the carafe alone.  We’ve tried it with the big end down and big end up and feel that when used “upside down” it has the most effect on the water.  In this orientation, we feel that the straw acts like a Fibonacci funnel for higher energies and a sense of deep knowing.  It seems to do more to restore the natural memory of the water, something we tasted and felt the first time we tried it.  While that natural memory does, in fact, include the blueprint for all forms of life, drinking ordinary distilled water from our “Delicate” carafe in which an inverted TC straw had been inserted seemed to impart a different kind of memory to us.  Our first experience with it felt so immense on the level of consciousness (rather than just energy) that we felt a bit disoriented, but also excitement and elation.

Within a short time of drinking water we had prepared this way, we began to feel that the aspect of water’s memory we had received was that of the whole of our planet’s history; everything water had seen or experienced since the beginning, including all of human history.  This did not occur on the conscious level, but as more of what we call a “download”.  It was as if that massive memory had been placed inside of our heads, hearts, and energy systems without having to read, learn, or understand it.  It was just “there”.

TC Energy "Delicate" carafe with "Calamus" drinking strawAfter our experiences with putting the straw into the water filled carafes, it occurred to us to experiment with the straw as a healing tool, an energy directing “wand”.  We first tried it out by pointing the small end of the straw toward some food we were eating, moving the straw in a clockwise stirring motion just above it.  We could feel the energy shift within a few moments and the food then felt and tasted better.  (It seems better to hold the straw like a pencil, so that both ends are unobstructed and energy can flow freely through it.)  We used it in the same fashion to enhance the energy of crystals and gemstones.

Our next experiment was to see if we could use the straw to clear the energy of our house.  We pointed the small end out into the room and moved it in clockwise circles, but not much seemed to be happening.  We then remembered learning how tracing sideways figure eights in the air, the symbol for infinity, could clear a room.  Using our whole arm (as if conducting an orchestra), we used the straw to repeatedly draw that pattern.  Within one minute we could feel the energy of the house begin to noticeably shift.  Our home felt lighter, calmer, and more comfortable to be in.  The next morning when we got up and began our day, it was still very noticeable to us how much better the energy in the house felt.

We have also begun to use the straw as a healing tool, to shift energy within peoples’ bodies.  In one case, pointing the big end of the straw toward one person’s head and moving it in small clockwise circles near different places where pain was being felt completely relieved a sinus headache in just a couple of minutes.  We have found that here again the straw’s energy properties function differently depending on which end is pointed forward.  The balancing that occurs seems to be a more matter of energy polarity than in-or-out flow.

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You can buy all of the amazing energizing products from Europe made by TC Energy Design and Nature’s Design GmbH to begin benefiting from their healing energy and consciousness by stopping in our gift shop at The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA, or contact us to have them shipped to you in the USA or internationally.

TO ORDER In the USA or Internationally:
I am in the process of setting up online ordering, but I also have found it very important to be able to help my customers understand these remarkable products so we can select the ones that will best serve their needs.  You can call The Mesa to order and if I am not available, leave a message and I will return your call within 24hrs or less, 724-947-3097.  You can also email me (Brad Silberberg) and I’ll get back with you also within 24hrs or less. 

Here’s how ordering works: 

  1. You let me know what you are interested in purchasing by phone or email.
  2. I’ll let you know if I have the items in stock or need to add them to my next restocking order.
  3. You can choose to pay by credit card over the phone, or agree to pay a PayPal invoice online with your credit card.  (You don’t need a PayPal account to do this.)
  4. I’ll box up your order in recycled packaging and add only $3 USD to the actual shipping cost for the packaging and my time.  That’s all I ask because I believe in these products and the need to spread them around the world.
  5. I’ll take your package to the Post Office and send it to you by Priority Mail.  (*I’ve never lost a shipment or had anything arrive broken with Priority Mail.*)  Then I’ll know the exact shipping cost, as well as have a tracking number I can email to you.  If I can save you substantial money without delaying your order by more than a couple of days, I will use First Class Mail.  If your order is large (and heavy) it is usually cheaper to send it by United Parcel Service (UPS).  International shipping will also be by Priority or Air Mail if possible, to keep your cost down.
  6. Once your order is on its way to you I will then charge your credit card once or send you a PayPal invoice for your merchandise and shipping.  Simple!

TC Energy Design Retail Pricing:  (does not include applicable sales taxes or shipping)

0.5Liter “Delicate” carafe with white Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$45.95

0.5Liter “Delicate” carafe with gold Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$49.95
(“Delicates” are the only carafes that can be used with hot water.  You can brew tea directly in it.)

1.3Liter “Alladin” carafe with white Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$75.95

1.3Liter “Alladin” carafe with rainbow Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$75.95

1.3Liter “Alladin” carafe with 23.8k gold Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$81.95

1.3Liter “Alladin” carafe with platinum Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$89.95

2.3Liter “Family” carafe with 23.8k gold Flower of Life pattern on bottom  @$144.95

“Calamus” vortex drinking straws  @$12.95

Small (9cm) Energy Plate with gold Flower of Life pattern  @$25.95

Large (22cm) Energy Plate with gold Flower of Life pattern  @$51.95


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