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Offering Reiki, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Amethyst Bio-Mat sessions, Tuning Fork Sonic Healing, White Light Spiritual Healing, Vibrational Healing, Seashell Therapy, Emotional and Relationship Counseling, and other alternative healing services, the Mesa Healing Center provides therapies that work to bring positive and healthy change for your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.  Located in a peaceful rural setting in Southwestern Pennsylvania just 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, we help you improve your heath and thrive, not just survive.

While we do schedule private healing sessions for individuals who are merely seeking relief from painful or disturbing symptoms, our approach to healing is far greater than that.  For The Mesa Healing Center is not just a stand alone therapeutic facility, but an integral part of the work we do at The Mesa Creative Arts Center to educate people and open their eyes to new possibilities  as they walk their own path of personal evolution.

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What do we mean by “healing”?

The word healing is used these days in many ways.  To some it is merely the fending off of invading disease.  In slightly broader terms it refers to the body regenerating itself after injury or the ravages of an illness but, when you take into account that our bodies are not separate from our thoughts, emotions, or Soul, healing takes on a deeper meaning.

Many people are unaware of the connection between the appearance of illness and the underlying changes in their body’s willingness or ability to keep systems in balance or fight off invaders that permitted that illness to take hold.  They don’t realize that their state of mind and outlook on Life affect their physical health as much or more than what they eat or how much they sleep.  Changes on the cellular level brought on by sadness, broken trust, grief, anger, resentment, hate, regret, shame, loneliness, and other negative emotions can weaken our immune systems and even turn our own cells against us.

To those of us at The Mesa, healing is more than a wound growing back together.  We see the process of healing like the restoration of a great tapestry torn by time and trauma, stained by abuse and neglect.  It takes more than simple repairs or closing up of holes to return it to its original beauty.  When the body is weak or sick, more is needed than chemical remedies to kill germs or fool unbalanced systems into “proper” behavior.  What is called for is reunification and rebalancing of all aspects of the Self as a mending and reweaving takes place that reconnects the shredded fibers of body, mind, emotions, and the Light of the Soul.  True healing is a getting-back-together and rebalancing of what we are, how we think, what we feel, what we do, and how we live on all levels simultaneously.

Healing involves increasing our ability to accept Life and let go of how we have been.  This affords us a chance to expand and grow as Souls for most often it is resistance to change and the flow of life events that has brought on stress, imbalance, weakness, or degradation in the first place.  This process is often invisible to us, but as soon as we sustain a trauma, (encounter a painful occurrence we can’t cope with or understand physically, emotionally, mentally, or Spiritually) get hurt, or become ill, we split off some of our Soul Light and consciousness, weakening ourselves.  At the same time, a vortex of energy is created; a trauma/illness vortex.  When this occurs, the forces of Nature will immediately create an opposing healing one.  The tendency is for us to swing wildly back and forth between them.  If we are willing to do the work to look honestly inside of ourselves, face illness or trauma head-on, learn from it, and allow healing change, we regain our Light and consciousness and the swings get shorter and shorter until we come to a balanced place in between.  At that point the trauma/illness vortex will completely close for good.  Through this process we evolve as Souls.  If we survive we will be transformed by the experience.  This transformation will not only result in what we call “health”, but only then will the true brilliance of what and who we are begin shine forth as our Creator intended.

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I’m not sick.  Do I need healing?

The Human body is miraculously resilient and adapts to changes very quickly.  It can and will endure huge amounts of stress or imbalance before some outward trace shows up.  Mentally, we get used to and ignore physical sensations very quickly and are very skilled at denying our bodies’ signals to us that they are out of balance and need help.  Sometimes we don’t get “symptoms” until these signals become too overt or painful to ignore.  By then we run the risk of permanent damage or the need for difficult, prolonged, or painful treatment to help our minds or bodies rebalance themselves.

Much of the time our bodies are simply responding to energies and powerful chemicals generated by our thoughts and emotions, adaptation to trauma, or from ancestral or past-life patterns.  Much of what we think and feel are but earthly manifestations reflective of the condition of our Soul.  The way to accomplish deep and lasting  healing is by regaining our Soul Light and encouraging our Soul to grow in its ability to practice Love, compassion, and understanding.  Doing so will dissolve the rigid thinking and knee-jerk emotional reactions that accompany fearful or habitual ways of being or stem from Spiritual pain or ignorance.  In this way we come closer to the perfection in which we were created, let our bodies relax, and simply return to vibrant health.

It’s our belief that healing is a journey, not an event.  The techniques we use in our Healing Center, while effective at bringing relief are not simply spot fixes for unwanted symptoms, but over time bring about deep change on all levels, especially that of the Spirit.  It is change at this level that makes healing permanent.  These therapies and healing modalities are more concentrated and personalized forms of what we do at The Mesa in general; giving people our time, energy, knowledge, support, and compassion so that they may find ways to become whole again, rather than simply “defeating” illness.  This care is part of our integrated and Holistic approach to help people find and expand their Spiritual nature through many channels, including internal searching, experiencing relationships, seeking the wisdom of ancient cultures, alternative healing, making art, and participating in sacred ceremonies, to name a few.

This is not to say that it’s necessary to take every class and attend every session offered at The Mesa Creative Arts Center in order to become your True Self again.  We have just come to recognize that getting help with your physical health alone does not single handedly bring about all the changes that expand the Soul, but that expanding the Soul does bring about physical healing as part of a greater journey.  It’s easy to walk into a doctor’s office and hand over your problems for others to possibly fix, but doing that also involves handing over your personal power to heal yourself and giving up opportunities to look inside your heart and mind and evolve.

Nearly all of us have unresolved physical, emotional, mental, or Spiritual issues, some of which we are unaware of or in denial about.  Ultimately, everyone can benefit from the processes of healing as a way to resolve these issues and move to a higher awareness.  True healing is an odyssey of self-discovery and an opportunity for personal enlightenment and expansion that we can all benefit from.  It takes courage to take on your own healing.  By doing so you will embark on a process of transformation that will expand your mind, heart, and Soul-- giving you new awareness of the vast universe that is your own Being.

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Our philosophy about healing

We believe that anything can be healed.  Having said that, the question becomes whether or not enough energy and intention can be focused at any given point in time for complete healing to occur.  We all have the ability to heal ourselves but sometimes we need more energy, more understanding, or more love than we can muster all by ourselves to achieve it.  Other times all we may need is an impartial observer to point out to us how we are out of balance or offer new solutions so we may take action on our own behalf.  These are the times when we must be willing to accept the help of others whether they are family, friends, or trained professionals skilled in the healing arts if we really do want healing to occur, for we are not here to heal alone.

Healing center table
Healing Center therapy room

Each of us is made up of many elements and many levels.  Imagine yourself like multiple movie projectors showing different movies one over top of the other and you’ll get the picture.  Some are dense and physical, like our various bio-mechanical systems while others are higher in vibration and “finer” than that.  Our minds and emotions are collections of swimming patterns of energy, feelings, thoughts, and consciousness (the awareness of being aware) that never sleep.  We are more of a “they” than an “I” in some ways.  These fragments of identity are inexorably connected with our physicality and rule over our bodily functions, yet sometimes seem to exist in their own private world.  At the highest level, we are pure energy and Spirit.  Here we see the parts of ourselves that are metaphysical, going beyond the realm of matter to intertwine with other people, other dimensions, and Universal Consciousness or God.  Of all of these levels, it is through the mind that we have access to the most power, for through thought and consciousness we can create or destroy the delicate balances that exist between ourselves and the outside world, within and between physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual levels, or inside individual body cells.

According to some Native American teachings, we are not simply one person, but a whole tribe living inside of our body.  If all of that tribe’s members are in balance and harmony with each other, we are healthy, peaceful, happy, sane, contribute to family and society, respect Nature, and feel connected to the Great Mystery.  If the members of our internal tribe are in disarray, conflict, or otherwise out of balance and harmony with each other, we feel afraid, get sick, go crazy, withdraw from family, act out, stop contributing, destroy Nature, or feel separated from God.  In the old ways, you would have been looked after by the whole village to help you regain what you had lost, but sometimes more was needed and you might be taken to live with an elder or Medicine Person.  With them, you would have eaten when they ate, prayed when they prayed, worked, slept, and hunted along side of them.  In this way, you would be re-taught the basics of being a Human Being through being around and mirroring other people who were extremely aware and in tune with themselves, Nature, and the Spirit World.  This is the process of entrainment, by which a stronger energy or vibration influences a weaker one to come into sync with it.  By doing so you would come back into resonance with yourself and the Creator.

What would you be like if you were whole-- if you knew exactly who you are, where you came from, and what you are here on this Earth to do?  How would you feel if you knew that you had the inner resources to do whatever you chose to do and could calmly succeed at it?  What would it be like to enjoy perfect, robust health, and complete peace in your mind and emotions?  Here we are talking about regaining the elements of ourselves that have become shut down, split off, or suppressed to the point that we feel lost, weak, incapable, angry, depressed, disconnected, powerless, or just plain sick.  This fragmentation diffuses our energy and attention and causes us to be no longer able to fully engage in Life the way we used to, let alone the way we dream of.

For many of us, this breaking apart of the Self may have started so early on in life that for as long as we can remember we have felt fettered by invisible chains that hold us back from our heart’s desires.  The fact that we are eternal Beings and have lived through many incarnations where unresolved traumas have occurred reminds us that we are also dealing with patterns that extend way beyond our present lifetime.  We are also not separate from our ancestors or families and are very much the product of antiquated or ineffective patterns of dealing with the self, others, and the world around us that have been passed down for generations.  That is why we address all aspects of the individual; physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, and past incarnations (Yes, they ARE real.) while supporting, guiding, and even challenging our clients as we walk with them down their path to recovering themselves.

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Life in balance.

Our bodies are magnificently equipped to maintain equilibrium (homeostasis), but not all equilibria are pleasant, sustainable, or constitute balance.  Balance is about dynamic (rather than static) give-and-take relationships on the inner level as well as with the world(s) around us.  How are your internal organs working?  The word “organized” refers to our internal organs working in concert with each other.  Dis-organization in your life may reflect an imbalance in your body organs and vise-versa.

It is well accepted that most illness and dis-ease come from “stress”.  Stress does not come from outside of us but is generated internally as an emotional reaction to situations and events in our outer world.  One definition of stress is: “resisting the flow of Life”.  A quick way to get ourselves extremely stressed-out is get stuck in a “But I don’t like this!” attitude and resist Life’s changes.  (The only constant in Life IS change, so get used to it!)  We let grief, regret, past hurts, and resentment hold us trapped in the past.  In our minds, we stopped the figurative “Conveyor Belt of Life” in a desperate attempt to “stay put” and fix hurtful, traumatic, or “unfair” things that happened at some time long ago, but continually trying unsuccessfully to change what is past only results in preventing us from going on really living.  What is needed is to find ways to let go without “fixing” the past and move onward.  We may also try to hold on to the way things were when they felt safe and comfortable (often by familiarity alone) but those “conveyor belts” have moved on, like it or not.  What is important is to accept and embrace change and flow with its new possibilities gracefully with balance, trust, and gratitude.

Do you have balance between all aspects of your life?  Do you take time for family, creative endeavors, rest, and play?  Have you found a connection to something greater than yourself or looked into your own Spiritual nature?  “All work and no play” may not only make “Jack a dull boy”, but may also make Jack run-down and prone to illness.  Jack may be a “workaholic” as a maneuver to avoid having to deal with family, social aspects of Life, or the risk of coming into contact with his own “inner life”.  If all areas of our lives are not in workable balance we experience stress.  Stress has been shown to drain our energy and vitality and lead to physical and mental breakdown.

Many people today are unaware of what is going on around them and even less aware of what is going on inside of them.  Most of us learned what we know of Life mostly by watching our parents and have rarely even been taught how our bodies work, let alone how to deal with our thoughts, emotions, or the unseen world of the Spiritual.  No one told us about where we were before we were born or what really happens to “us” when we die.  We seem to know so little about what and who we are and where we have come to this life from.  Many of us have been little more than rudderless little boats, adrift in the currents of the surrounding invisible forces that constantly interact with us.  Through The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Healing Center, we seek to raise awareness to new and higher levels so that we all become experts at recognizing the roots of imbalance in our own lives and finding fast and simple remedies to restore it and ourselves.  Through healing ourselves, we heal the world around us as well.

In reality, there are so many factors that can cause physical and emotional imbalance that are simply not detectable with x-rays, ultrasound, electric meters, or chemical tests.  They therefore fall outside the belief system called “Science” and so are completely discounted by most MD’s.  Here rests the whole matter of Energy, the invisible force that organizes and drives all processes and events in the Universe.  All energy has components of pure force plus a kind of dynamic knowing or Consciousness (with a big ‘C’).  It not only flows through us to power the physical processes of life, but creates and recreates the structural blueprint of our physical matter, mental and emotional states, ancestral patterns and habits as we are being constantly created and re-created by it.  The energies involved in the processes of Life are subtle in nature and Science has not yet learned how to detect or measure most of them directly.  The good news is that each one of us is able to detect and evaluate them with the most sensitive instrument in the Universe— Human Consciousness, with its ability to go beyond the five senses.

It takes Energy to change, grow, heal, or even let go and fall asleep at night.  Many people are so low on energy from Soul loss, giving too much, energy “vampires”, or runaway thoughts and emotions that they are “running on empty”.  They have been drained of it by unhealthy ways of living and relating and don’t know how to recharge themselves.  Others are so stoked-up with one kind of energy (the emotional energy of anger for instance) that they cannot ever rest and allow their reservoirs to fill.  People become addicted to substances and behaviors because they are looking for a certain kind of energy to try to fill up empty places in themselves.

Any of the components and flow of our Life Force Energy can be damaged, distorted, misdirected, or missing within us, in too great or too sparse supply.  As healers, we seek to teach people to feel and observe their own body and Soul energy and the energy of their mental and emotional patterns so they can eventually learn to maintain balance on their own.  In the meantime, we use our skills and experience to provide relief, instruction, coping skills, and support for those we help as they come into and maintain balance and move forward to glowing health and vitality.

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As healers and teachers, how do we help you?

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First of all, we listen to your story and give you options, for that is often why people feel stuck.  What they have been doing in their lives simply isn’t working for them but they don’t know what else to do so they keep on doing it.  (This is one definition of “insanity”.)  They’ve been invested in a healthcare system that doesn’t serve their needs and won’t pay for alternatives, and feel no one really wants or even knows how to help them.

While we’re good at relieving pain, giving comfort, and releasing trauma, we never offer panaceas or surefire cures.  Instead, we help people grow into good health with supportive guidance and techniques that use just the right mix of intuition, emotional, metaphysical and Spiritual education, energy and vibrational healing techniques, listening, talking therapy, teaching, and Spiritual healing.  We will “hold space” and energy for you, helping you maintain awareness of old physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, familial, ancestral, and past life energies and patterns as together we creatively break them up, reform, jell, and reintegrate them into a new, healthier, happier you.

In the short run we’ll help you take stock of your life and examine your body, health habits, thoughts, emotions, relationships, work situation, and personal goals. We’ll offer new and workable possibilities for changes you can make.  We’ll use our seasoned intuitive abilities to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual energy systems and support them with hands-on healing as needed.  In the long run, we’ll be your teachers, coaches, cheer leaders and shoulders to cry on as you go through your own personal transformation, for true healing is not simply restoration of the body, but a process of becoming something new.

By training and working as Energy Healers we have attuned and prepared our minds and bodies to function as high-volume conduits or conductors to transfer the extremely healing and restorative energies and consciousness available from higher dimensions to others in need.  We may use Reiki to rebalance your body’s energy systems, Kinesiology (muscle testing) to find out what you believe on the unconscious level or check body responses, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy to release past life trauma, “Magical Thinking Healing™” to heal your inner child’s self image, or Soul Retrieval techniques to bring back lost parts of your consciousness and Soul Light.  We may also employ Send Back Technique™ to release family patterns, Tuning fork Sound Healing to reset and charge up your energy systems, psychically call in “deceased” relatives to mend relationships, or connect with White Light Spiritual healing to speed your changes on the level of Spirit.  Combining these and other techniques will result in helping you to change your mind about yourself, see the world differently, and get connected to something greater than yourself, resulting in rebirth of body, mind and Spirit.

So much of what holds people back in Life and in healing seems to be definitions they have created about themselves and the belief that they need someone else’s permission to live their own life.  As healers, sometimes all we need to do to help clients break old patterns and restore balance is to act as witnesses as people once again take control of their choices, their health, and their lives.  For years we have studied and trained to help others with their healing, continuing to investigate new ways to make healing and rebalancing faster, easier, more accessible, effective, and lasting.  We have also realized that we must continue our own healing, for by doing so our personal wisdom and experience grows and we are able to perceive and work in deeper and deeper levels of healing.  It is mainly through our experience with self-healing that we continue to find and refine the techniques that we use in our Center to help others.

We have also sought to understand The Mind and how this powerful tool of Human evolution can simultaneously create physical and emotional dis-ease through fear, doubt, and misunderstanding while still possessing the keys to good health, rejuvenation, and restoration through Love and Trust.  We see so many people who are capable, intelligent, hard working, loving, and caring, yet are totally mired in the traumas, problems, and misunderstandings of the past which keep them sick, frustrated, and motionless in their lives.  They feel Life is passing them by as they struggle, unable to break free.  We start by observing and listening to recognize how people are stuck and what would free them.

We see people around us pulled down by this experience all of the time.  They are smart, capable, hard working, loving individuals who lives just seem to fall apart in long drawn-out dramas.  They become so completely “tangled” in what from the inside must feel like a big ball of yarn or string that it completely immobilizes them.  (Imagine a cartoon of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn and in a mad scramble getting itself completely wrapped up so that just its legs, tail, and ears protrude from the massive tangle.)  This “yarn” is partly made of real-life troubles, problems, and situations, but consists mostly of their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of negative self image, victimization, and powerlessness.  They find themselves saying, “But I can’t do (this or that)… Can’t you see I’m tied up in… well… things?” not understanding that their restraints are largely created by themselves.  They’re like the woman in the Eight of Swords card of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.  She’s wrapped up and blindfolded, but no one else is around holding her prisoner.  All of the swords are stuck point first in the ground behind her and not threatening her.  She is merely wrapped up in and blinded by the misery in her own heart and mind.

People can feel the restraining tangle of their “yarn balls” but are mostly blind to the fact that the yarn is not tethered to anything and only loosely wound around them.  “I can’t have a relationship,” we imagine them saying, “there’s all this wrapped around me so I can’t move my arms to hold anyone even if they came along.”  We envision them hopping their way through life, only their head and feet sticking out from their “yarn ball”.  They’re not able to see that they themselves have done the wrapping and not Life itself because their thinking has become so hardened.  If they were able to, they’d see how easy it would be to unwind the “yarn” and free themselves.  Usually it’s easier to actually see other people’s “yarn balls” than your own.  These “ties that bind” are our own personal myths.  They are the things we have come to believe because of the ways we were treated, what we were told, hurts and traumas we have experienced, the faulty logic of childhood, feelings of disconnection, or adult misunderstandings.
At the Mesa Healing Center, we help you to look inside to see your tangle and begin to unravel it.  We gently “hold your reality” for you and illuminate your internal myths with the light of Truth as you begin to unravel and reconfigure yourself.  We do this in a gentle way at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Imagine us saying, “We’ll hold that yarn for you while you take it off for a few minutes and stretch.  We promise we’ll give it right back when you want it.  Maybe next time you can take it off for two minutes instead of one.  By the way, what’s that yarn made of?  Where did it come from?  Is it doing something for you?  Are you sure you need it back?”  After a while, you would realize that you can live Life completely “yarn-free”.

After coaxing one client long enough through verbal “kickboxing”, she astonished herself by admitting that if she ever got what she really wanted she would hide from it.  She began to cry and we could feel her sadness over the fact that she truly didn’t know why that was so— not consciously, anyway.  Like a martial arts master, she had been blocking one positive suggestion after another with “Yes, but …” responses, explaining why they were unworkable without considering trying them.  She couldn’t explain her fear at that moment, but saw it inside of herself.  She had momentarily faced her Shadow Self and was at least able to see if not understand her predicament, maybe for the first time in her life.  Just that much new understanding turned on a light for her and her energy and demeanor shifted.  It was that moment of Light and shifting energy that allowed a tiny crack to develop in the armor she had constructed to protected herself and change could begin.  We were then able to begin the work of exploding her personal myths so she could allow herself to evolve and heal.  All of our patient “kickboxing” had paid off and there was no turning back for our client.  That’s the trouble with learning something about ourselves, we can deny it but cannot really go back and “un-know” it.

Usually, it isn’t reasonable to unravel a lifetime of “yarn” in just one session.  You didn’t get where you are overnight but through years of accumulated physical and emotional assaults.  It may take many sessions over a period of time to get enough major issues resolved to be strong enough to throw your “yarn” off for good.  This is where the patience and dedication of both healer and seeker are needed to bring resolution in the long run, but one must be willing to do the physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual work necessary for positive change.  Otherwise it will take much longer for any doctor or healer to help.  One of our main goals is to help people realize this very fact and take back their power to heal themselves.  When they do they will understand that they have always been in control of their lives and health-- whether they knew it consciously or not.

We’re now able to help many clients who live out of Pennsylvania or just far from The Mesa Healing Center over the telephone or Skype (video over the internet).  This can be very effective, especially with emotional or mental healing and spiritual counseling.  Call 724-947-3097 or email to set up your appointment. 

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Kate and Brad Silberberg
Mesa Healing Center Practitioners Kate and Brad Silberberg

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Our qualifications/certifications:

Brad Silberberg:

  • Ordained Minister and Pastoral Counselor, (ordained by The Community of the Whole Person, a non-religious spiritual organization)
  • Working Artist and Intuitive Spiritual Healer
  • Originator of Send Back Technique and Magical Thinking Healing
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Melody Crystal Healer
  • Certified Teleios Technique Practitioner
  • Magnified Healing Level II Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Level II Practitioner & Level III Teacher, SomaEnergetics™ Tuning fork sound healer
  • Flower essence maker and Practitioner
  • Engaged in healing energy tool design & construction
  • Maker of hammered brass Singing Bowls and Solfeggio bowls
  • Act 34 clearance to work with children in public school


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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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