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Release Limiting Beliefs and Heal Ancestors with Send Back Technique™

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Part energy distance healing, part invocation, prayer, or decree, Send Back Technique™ allows you to change for yourself and for your ancestors any belief systems or destructive ways of thinking you have acquired from them, past lives, and present life experience.We all have beliefs and thought patterns inside of us that our conscious thinking minds are only dimly aware of.  These habitual and hardened ways of thinking and perceiving are different than what we openly espouse, endorse logically, or hold by conviction.  These patterns are housed in our cellular memory, our Energy Bodies, and our Inner Minds; the eternal, non-logical, creative, spiritual/emotional part of our consciousness.  They are a significant part of what determines our behaviors, feelings, repeating thoughts, life outcomes, and even the running of our physical bodies.  These beliefs and patterns of thinking have come to us in many ways.

Where do beliefs come from?

Some beliefs and patterns of thought were directly taught to us by our parents and other adults by their repeatedly saying things to us like: "Good people should feel bad when they make mistakes" or “WE don’t do (that).”  When rejection, judgment, shame, guilt, or punishment was added as reinforcement, these patterns became burned into our very cells.  We learned how to think and believe from the society we grew up in, as family, school, church, the media, and popular culture repeatedly taught us that we were never good enough.  We also absorbed the energy and consciousness of negative or fearful patterns by mimicking what we saw and felt our parents feel, think, and do, often “learning” beliefs without any words at all, directly from their auras, the subtle energy and consciousness radiation from their bodies.

Other beliefs and patterns came to us silently and non-verbally directly through our DNA from our ancestors, their life experience and ways of seeing the world accumulated, encoded, and handed down on those tiny bits of physical matter carefully passed from one generation to the next.  Beliefs and ways of thinking about money, power, sexuality, forgiveness, etc., may be a part of every cell of our body and our onboard operating system.

We are also infused with outmoded survival beliefs and patterns of faulty logic that are holdovers from our species’ ancient past.  They are instinctual; embedded in the primitive parts of our brain and remaining in place from a time when life was dangerous and little more than a daily struggle to stay alive in a hostile world.  They no longer serve us well in a modern world that is relatively safe by comparison.

Additional beliefs and thought patterns have been retained in the very fabric of our Soul from our own past life experiences and have become karmic, doomed to be repeated until they are seen for the falsehoods they are and released.  Still other fear-based beliefs and ways of reasoning we just plain made up when we were children and didn’t have the intellectual power to understand the built-in polarities and conflicts of the adult world around us because they were so different than our soul knowing.

All of these deep-seated beliefs fly in the face of what we know of ourselves, God, and the natural world around us in our “heart-of-hearts” and create psychic tension, causing us to become confused, dissociated, disconnected, and to forget who we really are.  They hold us back in Life because they seem at least partly true and somehow part of our very makeup.

Have you been feeling like you were in some kind of prison that kept you from becoming who you really are, what you know yourself to be in your heart and Soul?  The beliefs and thought patterns within your Inner Mind, body cells, and Soul memory about yourself, others, and the world around you are some of the bars of that prison.  Saying affirmations may not help you to change at all if every time you say, "I am good, loved, and protected", some part of you puts a big red ‘X’ through it and says, "Oh no I’m NOT!"  At best, affirmations may only install a counter belief or mental construct along with the limiting one, causing more conflict and confusion.

Sometimes our inner beliefs and silent thought patterns are in conflict even with each other, draining our energy and creating disharmony within us.  We have found that our "beliefs" tend to be more emotional and our "thoughts” more based on “reasons”.  (Even if the reasons are illogical ones!)  What we "believe we believe" may be totally opposite of what we "think we think" and one or both may be out of alignment with the knowing of our Soul and what we consciously desire.  These overwhelmingly negative patterns control our perception, feelings, reactions, and help determine the life outcomes we manifest.

The good news is that there is now a way to clear yourself of Life-Limiting beliefs and patterns of thought and permanently replace them with Life-Affirming ones: Send Back Technique™.  Born at The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center in Burgettstown, PA, (Near Pittsburgh, in the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania) Send Back Technique™ is a powerful way to bring change into your life by allowing your thoughts and beliefs to become more fluid and changing your mind about yourself and the rest of Creation.

How do we discover our silent inner beliefs and thoughts?

Send Back Technique™
starts with using your awareness of yourself and the world around you to discover your silent inner beliefs and habitual thoughts.  You can find clues all around you:

  • What reoccurring outcomes have you been getting that you don’t really want?  We manifest through the energy we put out.  What thoughts or beliefs might be setting you up for those outcomes?
  • Are you automatically reacting in negative ways in particular situations?  What inner fears might be driving those behaviors?
  • When do you feel fear, doubt, or lack of esteem?  Were you always that way?  What does you intuition say?
  • Have you observed yourself thinking, talking, or acting like your parents or grandparents?
  • Where might your life-limiting thoughts and beliefs have come from?  Your childhood experience, what you were taught, your DNA, or a past life?

If they’re silent, how do I figure out what beliefs and thought patterns I actually carry?

An integral part of Send Back Technique™ and the “magnifying glass” we use to examine these clues is Kinesiology (muscle testing).  This simple physical body response system gives us a peep hole into our deepest nature.  It relies on the fact that what is true, healthy, healing, life-affirming, or in agreement with our true nature will make our body’s energy systems run in the forward direction and make our muscles strong.  What is false, unhealthy, harmful, life-limiting, or in conflict with our true nature will make our energies run backwards and make our muscles weak.  Once we get to know and trust this gift, we can use this amazing mind/body function as a rudimentary “truth detector” to get the answers to simple YES or NO questions from our non-verbal inner selves or our Healing Guides.  In this way we can determine what beliefs or mental patterns we hold out of logical awareness but are present on the mind/body/emotion level.  These beliefs and thoughts may be totally opposite to what our verbal minds "thought" we believed.

So what do I do to release the old patterns that have been plaguing me and my family for generations?

To heal and release old, fear-based beliefs and hardened thoughts, we send our copy of the energy pattern, consciousness, and structure back through our entire ancestral line to the Violet Fire (a spiritual, all consuming flame of truth) to be transmuted (e.g., cleared, cleansed, rendered harmless, and recycled).  As it goes along it collects each ancestor’s copy as well.  We then send the energy, consciousness, and structure of a new, Love-based belief or way of thinking back to all of our ancestors and ourselves to be put in its place.

Part energy distance healing, part invocation, prayer, or decree, Send Back Technique™ allows you to change for yourself and for your ancestors any belief systems or destructive ways of thinking you have acquired from them, past lives, and present life experience.  It sends healing back to your entire ancestral line at the same time and improves the flow of energy coming to you via your ancestral chain.  This remarkable change is achieved through the recitation (out loud) of the Send Back Invocation™ that was channeled and fine tuned by Brad Silberberg, Minister, Healer, and Co-Director of The Mesa Healing Center, but you can use your own intention and wording.  Saying some words out loud help you to focus your intention and attention, which generates and moves more energy.  You will be making a declaration, a proclamation, stating your intent for the negative pattern to be Sent Back through all of your ancestors and then a second one to send a new belief pattern to them for each to keep.  Imagine the process like this:

Envision a long line of people—all of your ancestors from your mother’s and father’s sides of your family going all the way back to your first truly Human ones that made the transition to Homo sapiens by choosing to stand upright.  This line snakes for miles over hill and dale off into the distance.  Each ancestor is holding a box in their hands-- a box of dung.  This dung represents Life-limiting, fear-based beliefs or ways of thinking acquired in various ways that have accumulated and been passed to each successive generation.  Your ancestors know it stinks, but it is their (and your) legacy and a matter of family pride.  (“Yes, it’s shit, but it’s OUR shit!”)  They are tired of carrying it around, but haven’t known how to get rid of it.

Now imagine going down the line with a wheel barrow and collecting the boxes from each one.  (You’d do this in Spirit Time, so it takes no time at all!)  Each of your ancestors thanks you for helping them release this burden they are so tired of carrying, yet didn’t know how to put down.  When you get to the end of the line and collect the last box, you dump it all in a pile, set it on fire and burn it— purifying and recycling the whole thing.  Every one is so relieved and happy but standing empty handed.  This is the first part of the Invocation of Send Back Technique™.

In the second part of the Invocation, see yourself going back to the front of the line and taking the tiller of a wagon full of gifts wrapped in bright paper, each box containing new, Life-Affirming, Love-based beliefs and heart-centered ideas.  This time you go down the line and give each ancestor several of the gifts.  They each, in turn, give you a warm hug and express love and heartfelt gratitude.  At some point along the line, looking back over your shoulder, you notice something curious happening toward the front of the line.  Your ancestors are giving some of the gifts to other people not in the line who are related to THEM, but are not your direct ancestors.  You continue on, quickly going all the way to the end of the line, giving out gifts, all the way back to your first ancestors who stood upright as human beings.  Thinking your work is now done, you go back to the front of the line, where you are ASTONISHED to find that all of your ancestors have passed gifts forward and put them in a pile waiting there for YOU.  Somehow, the pile seems to contain more gifts than you gave out.

Who does it help when I do Send Backs™?

Right now, there are over 6 billion people on the Earth.  We all descended from a far smaller number of common humanoid ancestors.  Since you are always connected to your ancestry through your DNA, you are subject to a flow of Ancestral Energy that has been with you since the moment of your conception.  This flow is shaped by the experience, ways of thinking, and beliefs of those who came before you.  If your own Soul is eternal (which it is), so too are the Souls of your ancestors and they still exist somewhere.  They may not have been able to heal and release these damaging beliefs and automatic thoughts from the past which keep them trapped in karmic cycles.

Luckily, Spiritual and psychic remote or distance healing are not subject to our belief-limited reality of time and space and we can Send healing Back to the Souls of all of our ancestors in their time, no matter where they are and what they are doing now.  This healing helps your ancestors’ Souls, and boomerangs back to you through your DNA connection.  But who else is connected to your ancestors through the same DNA you possess?  Your family members may also benefit from what we call "Collateral Healing" as the flow of energy coming forward from your ancestors brings healing to them as well.  There are still other Souls who share your ancestors, but are not your blood relatives. (After all, how many primative ancestors did Humanity have?)  Using Send Back Technique™ sends healing through the branches of your entire family tree.  As a result, healing goes out to a huge web of Souls and has an effect on the Collective Unconscious of all of Humanity.  In this way, Send Back Technique™ is an opportunity to serve and actively change the world into a better place for all of us.

What are the benefits of healing my hardened or negative thoughts and beliefs?

How many beliefs do you figure you have within you, governing your internal "operating system?"  Millions?  How many would you guess are negative?  Those who have experienced Send Back Technique™ have gone through profound changes.  They have experienced less fear, doubt, and worry, dropping away of old habits, greater energy and clarity of thought, heightened sense of connectedness, and physical changes in sleep, hunger, and other patterns.  They have noticed that "The World" has begun to change around them as blocks to their progress evaporate.  They have felt a real connection with their ancestry and a sense of the joy and gratitude of their forbears as they do this healing work for not just their own ancestors, but all of Humanity as well.

Changing your Inner Mind beliefs and automatic thoughts allows you to feel different about yourself in familiar situations and generally change your mind about yourself.  Fear drops away and is replaced by confidence.  Low self-esteem gives way to a more positive self-image.  Releasing hardened ways of thinking and believing changes your perception to that of a new reference frame of tolerance, optimism, and flexibility.  You may notice that you still feel the framework of old habits, but there is no longer any emotional energy to drive them, like a car with no gas.

Whatever we are silently thinking and believing in our Inner Mind magnetizes the Universe to send us more of it.  Changing and controlling the unaware signals and intentions you send out to The Universe actually changes the way Reality (With a capital ‘R’) operates for you to bring you better life outcomes through the process of positive manifestation.  Getting better outcomes then reinforces your positive beliefs and thoughts, and things just keep getting better and better.  Although we sometimes focus on the idea of swapping out negative thoughts and beliefs for positive ones, the real result of releasing hardened negative thinking and believing is the softening of our minds and hearts.  In the long run we (and our minds) become more fluid and dynamic, more likely to respond than simply react.

While Send Back Technique™ alone may not solve all of anyone’s problems, dissatisfaction, or dis-ease, it will lighten your emotional load.  It is intended to be used as an integral part of the ongoing process of self-discovery and self-healing that leads to wholeness.  As you look inside of yourself, ask questions, and do the work to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that have been running your life you will gain a new freedom, the freedom to be true to your Soul nature.

Here’s a brief list of some Life-limiting beliefs we’ve worked with and their Life-affirming counterparts:

  • “Life is one setback after another.”  Vs.  “Life is success, joy, and easy, starting NOW.”
  • “It is my responsibility to keep my family together.”  Vs.  “It is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN my responsibility to keep my family together, starting NOW.”
  • “I am not safe and protected.”  Vs.  “I am ALWAYS safe and protected, starting NOW.”
  • “I am responsible for everyone else’s problems.”  Vs.  “I am NOT responsible for anyone else’s problems.  I never have been and I never will be, starting NOW.”
  • “Everything that goes wrong is my fault.”  Vs.  “Everything that goes wrong is NOT my fault, starting NOW.”
  • “People are BAD.”  Vs.  “People are GOOD, starting NOW.”
  • "The only way to get attention is to make mistakes." Vs. "Making mistakes is NOT the only way to get attention, starting NOW."
  • "I am what I WAS."  Vs.  "I am NOT what I was.  I am what I'm going to be, what my Soul desires for me, starting NOW."
  • “I'm not allowed to have my own will.”  Vs.  “I AM ALWAYS allowed to have my own will, starting NOW.”
  • “I’m not OK.”  Vs.  “I AM ALWAYS OK, starting NOW.”
  • "I'm not allowed to have help."  Vs.  "I'm always allowed to have help, starting NOW."
  • “Change is not allowed.”  Vs.  “Change IS allowed, starting NOW.”
  • “Angry attacks are necessary in relationships in order to help people.”  Vs.  “Angry attacks are always destructive.  Love and Harmony help people in relationships, starting NOW.”
  • "I can't trust myself."  Vs. "I can always trust myself, starting NOW."
  • “I’m only allowed to love other people.”  Vs.  “I’m allowed to love other people AND myself, starting NOW.”
  • "I must control things to be safe."  Vs.  "I can give up control and still be safe, starting NOW."
  • “Other people are allowed to control me.”  Vs.  “Other people ARE NOT allowed to control me, starting NOW.”
  • “I'm not allowed to feel satisfied with myself.”  Vs.  “I AM allowed to feel satisfied with myself again, starting NOW.”

Send Back Technique™ is only available at this time at The Mesa Healing Center as part of our integrated approach to healing.  Send Back™ originator Brad Silberberg can help individual clients to determine what their personal limiting beliefs are and helps them to Send them Back in private sessions.  Call 724-947-3097 for an appointment.  Send Back Technique™ also works very well over the telephone and we invite those outside of our area to call for more information or to set up a phone session.

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