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What Our Students, Visitors, and Healing Clients Say About The Mesa

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Here’s what some of our patrons have said about what you’ll find at The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center:

“For me, The Mesa Creative Arts Center is a place for renewal and enrichment for body, mind, and spirit. You can unleash your creative spirit, or simply unleash your spirit. Everyone is very welcoming and I always enjoy the diverse array of people who come there.  The Mesa offers many classes, unique gift items, and various gatherings; but the best part is the sense of community, acceptance, and love.  I've been around this area for some time and have visited some other 'spiritual' places, but have not found any of them to suit my needs.  I am naturally drawn to the Mesa and it's energy, but I think it's the energy of you, Brad and Kate, and the other folks that really keep me coming back.  I like authentic people who are down-to-earth.”

Connie Popp

“Brad & Kate,
Thank you for the wonderful direction and helpful guidance this past Wednesday evening at your meditation circle.  It was really, really helpful to my husband and has helped him immensely to ground the energy surging through him.  You are both a fountain of wisdom and we appreciate your guidance during this time of transition.  We want to support your efforts in any way possible.  We are awed and thrilled at what you are doing with Mesa and hope that it flourishes.


What does The Mesa have to offer?  For me it’s one of those places I call home.  I have met good friends there and had great times even if sometimes I cried.  The Mesa is a place to go to rejuvenate the spirit, even when no one is there. The Medicine Wheel is there to walk and pray and support us on our human path.  When Kate and Brad are there and you walk in for the 1st time it’s like walking into a hug that is always there for you to enjoy.  Brad and Kate the soul keepers of the Mesa are universal support and love for everyone here on earth.  All you have to do is go visit and be open to living life.  We don't always enjoy being here on earth but I know I can go visit some good friends there for a hug and some laughs anytime I so choose.”

Julie Perkins

“Dear Brad,
Thank you so much for the wonderful and transformative experience I received during my healing session with you on March 8, a gift graciously given to me by my wife, Joanna.  Your creative and fascinating healing techniques have opened up an untapped reservoir of energy in my life, eliminated a reoccurring compulsion for distraction and resultant dissatisfaction, and helped to veer me from a self destructive path.  I clearly feel a renewed sense of vigor and possibility, both personally and professionally.  Your work and mission truly touches lives.  May God bless you, Kate and the Mesa Creative Art Center now and into the future.”

Christopher A. Papa, Esq.

“As I look over the last year, I realize that a lot of the changes I've made can be traced right back to you two and The Mesa.  Sendbacks, past life regressions, seashell work, healing sessions, etc., all helped me to get here.  I see myself as still at the start of the journey... but I've let go of a lot of the negative beliefs/feelings from my past.  I know that small classes aren't what you need to prosper financially and physically, but know that sometimes that's where there is major healing happening (even when it's an art class).”

M. J. B. 

“I got back from the Magical Thinking session filed with thoughts and emotions, uplifted and energized, as if some new gates of perception have opened out for me.  I have tried different modalities of therapy- mental, spiritual and body-work, from Reiki, hypnosis, meditation to professional psychoanalysis, and I find that this is one of the most revealing ones for me so far- keeping in mind the short period of time that it takes, too.  It is an intense experience, so I guess it will take time to settle in and analyze.  I am sure there is going to be a lot more to be said about it later.  For now I just want to thank you and encourage you to keep up and develop this great method.  I feel that it is bound to grow, and I personally want to know more about it and even contribute with my experience and what I know about the unconscious.” 

D.S., Psychiatry Graduate Student

“I don't even know where to begin... or what to say except THANK YOU!  I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling but I can tell you that I feel light, happy and carefree. I called my favorite Aunt today and she thought I had won the lottery because I sounded so different than when she had last seen me on Saturday. AMAZING. ( I won something better than the lottery- I won my life back)  Even more amazing is that I spent last night with my sister and we got along great. I no longer feel those negative heavy troublesome feelings that I've had for far too long now. And, I'm going back to her house tomorrow night to watch the hockey playoff game on the big screen TV.



“Dear Kate & Brad;
It was a wonderful weekend; a sincere thank you – for what you do, who you are, what you’ve done in western PA and the opportunities to explore with like-minded people!  We are excited, rejuvenated and looking forward to many more experiences at Mesa in the near future.

L. I.

“A few months ago I was at a spirit fair at the Mesa.  I had the opportunity to have a bio-mat and healing session with Brad.  We talked about a lot of things -- I had just had one of the worst years of my life and was so stressed out over my job and family issues.  And he told me to just give myself permission to do what I knew needed to be done -- not to feel guilty or responsible -- just know that it needed done and it would all work out.  Brad also told me that I could ask Spirit to have the healing continue and during the next couple of dark months I often connected in my mind with that healing energy - powerful stuff!

So long story short -- the family issue very shortly resolved itself in the only possible way it could have.  We got full market price for the property.  With this small inheritance in the bank I was able to quit my job (though tempted otherwise).  I did it nicely and gracefully tied up all the loose ends.  Thank you and best wishes.”


“Hey guys, another innerly-calm day.  I realized-and have spent countless therapy sessions and nights crying about  feeling like a bad mom.  No matter what I did, healthy food, fun stuff, reading with them, art projects, it was ever good enough.  Every night I would lay in bed and think about all the things I DIDNT do.  I couldn’t figure out what was different, but I did not feel terrible about things and I can’t even tell you how gigantic that is for me. So thank you again, you guys rock!   Magical Thinking is really special. Other people need this.”

K. F.

Hi Brad,
You and Kate have so blessed my life.  I am so grateful for your love, concern and healing energies.  I believe I took another turn in my life's progression thanks to your help.  Keep up the good work.  You both are truly blessed.   You are in my prayers daily.  I send my unconditional love to both of you for the truly wonderful human beings and also the blessed spirits that you both are.  God bless you both!
Love, Light, Peace and Joy,”

Patti Peterson

“Brad and Kate,
A very long time ago I had my own private healing practice and gave weekend workshops twice a month.  This was in the 80's.  I was a bit ahead of my time---well really very ahead of the times---your offerings remind me so much of similar things I offered.  Makes me somewhat nostalgic and sometimes makes me think I should give it a whirl again.  However, you and Kate and others are filling that niche with marvelous opportunities for healing and transformation.  I am on the same path but with a different modality now.  I just adore what you are doing for this world.  I want you to know that I hold you both in my prayers each day.  Bless you both.”

Nance Stewart 

“Thank you to The Mesa Creative Arts Center, and to Brad and Kate. My life has changed in so many awesome ways since I found your healing center and met the two of you just three short years ago. You've been a blessing in many ways over these years, helped me to heal and turn my life around, and helped to bring the biggest blessing of my life into it just a little over two months ago. I feel honored to have you as friends.”

Diane Brennan Jarecki
Posted on The Mesa’s Facebook page

“Your mission statement of ‘Thy will be done’, is and remains singularly classy in its simplicity, clarity, humility, and integrity.  You stand out thereby.  I adore you both, and love you all the more for your humility. That humility is, as far as I’m concerned, a litmus test of character and egolessness, and I very much appreciate its embodiment in you two good people.
Blessings always,”

Kevin Henry


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Brad Silberberg is artist and holistic healer who envisioned
 The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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