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Links to Sites of Interest for Healing, Creativity, Transformation

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Reprogram Your Life: The website of our dear friend and mentor, Reverend Norma (Jennings) Edwards.

Twin Miracle:  The website of our friends Nance Stewart and Frank Keller, two highly evolved spirits helping us all.

The Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA): The official site of the largest blacksmithing association in the world. Full of information, photos, how-to, and links to sites of member organizations throughout the US and overseas.  Our friend Peter Shefler’s site with lots of information about many types of creative, holistic, and natural healing.  A virtual healing center on the web.

Arts and Healing Network: A place to find information on how art helps us heal, as well as artists who produce healing art work and photos of their work.

Rick DiClemente: Our friend and Psychic Astrologer in the Pittsburgh area
Appalachian Rock Shop: One of our favorite places to buy rocks and crystals for their healing energy. Run by our friends Tom and Leslie Metarko.

Journeys of Life: Our friend Jean Haller’s store for metaphysical and healing books, cards, music.

Astrolabe: Go here to get a free chart with your astrological sun, moon, rising, and planetary signs.

West Penn Arts: A place to find artist that live in Western Pennsylvania, as well as galleries, art schools.

Mayanmajix: The late Ian Xel Lungold's website with loads of info about the Mayan Calendar. Find out your Mayan astrology or check on the daily Tzolkin-- the spiritual intent for the day.
The Journey Magazine:  A Mind/Body/Soul magazine with articles about Spiritual and holistic, healthy living.  The Journey sponsors Expos in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and other cities.  A website loaded with information about making and playing Native American flutes, including an amazing online finger hole placement calculator that we’ve used with great success.

Heart of Pittsburgh:  A clearing house for the Holistic Healing, Spiritual, and Metaphysical community in Pittsburgh, PA.  You’ll find shops, practitioners, and event listings.

Crown of Eternity:  The website of our friends Mike and Gallina Tamburo, teachers and practitioners of Gong Sound Healing, Yoga, and meditation.  Get a “Gong Bath” today!

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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