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Energy Clearing, Rebalancing, Charging- Activating Spiritual Energies

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Energy clearing and rebalancing:

All energy has a pure power component (something like the carrier wave wattage of a radio signal) and carries “information” (not like data, but more of a consciousness) that is an awareness or kind of "Knowing" on a level that is beyond our comprehension.  This informational component is like the music or talking you hear coming out of your radio receiver.  The consciousness or information of some energy is unbalanced because of its contact with negative Human actions, thoughts emotions, or processes.  (Think of how you feel after an argument, for instance.)  Sometimes energy has attached judgmental labels affixed to it by Human consciousness, such as “good”, “evil”, “right”, or “wrong”.  The energy of emotions and thoughts contain components very much like that.  While the original factory label on all energy is "LOVE" (or “GOD”), sometimes we humans paste other labels over that one, like mark-down stickers on bargain basement clothing.  By stripping those labels and negative consciousness while correcting any imbalance, the energy returns to pure God/Love.  Many of our Mesa Creative Arts Tools for Transformation and Healing are able to shift unbalanced energy and remove those negative “labels” so that the energy is clean, refreshed, and “remembers” its original purpose and function.

People, places, and things all absorb and trade energy emanations, store them up, and radiate them back out.  We are positively affected by balanced, loving emanations and negatively affected by unbalanced, fear-based ones.  Sometimes we get too charged up with one energy or another, or have a lack of it because it has leaked out, been negated, been taken from us, or because we gave it away.  This creates an imbalance from within that makes us physically unhealthy or causes us to feel bad emotionally or psychologically.  The good news is that all energy can be cleared of disharmony, imbalance, and negative consciousness or labeling and returned to its original perfection.  Likewise objects that contain or conduct a lot of subtle energy, like jewelry, rocks and crystals, homeopathic and flower essence remedies, Shaman tools, pendulums, tuning forks, water, etc., can be cleared of imbalance, their energy channels unclogged, and vital energies restored.

Throughout Human history, many methods of energy clearing and rebalancing have been used in different parts of the world.  Some cultures clear with the smoke of fragrant herbs (Like white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or incense.)  Some use water, fire, or burial in the ground or sea salt to pull out unbalanced energies.  Others use sound (Bells, singing bowls, ting-shas, tuning forks, or voice.) to clear energy from people, places, or things.  Healing energy like Reiki or prayer and the simple power of your intention can also be used successfully for clearing.  It is our experience that all forms of clearing work and yet they all seem to clear different frequencies or vibrations.  You may sense a change in the energy of a crystal after clearing it with sage smoke and then feel something different/additional if you then run clear water over it, for instance.  The jury is still out on exactly what any particular method might be clearing and on what levels.  It may be that each method clears one or more of a number of overlapping energies, but not all of them.  Brad Silberberg has this to say about various energy clearing methods:

“How clean is clean?  If you had some dirt on your shirt that you wanted to remove, you might first try to simply brush it off.  If it didn’t come off, you might try a little plain water to dissolve it.  If that didn’t work, you might try a little soap with the water.  If soap and water didn’t get it out, you might try some bleach.  If bleach didn’t work, you might try dry cleaning fluid, turpentine, lacquer thinner, peroxide, or ammonia to remove the stain.  Different cleaning methods clean different kinds of stains, and so too do different kinds of energy clearing methods clear and rebalance different “kinds” of energy.  The challenging factors are; energy is invisible to most of us, we may be perceiving only some of the energies present, and it’s harder to know if we’re really getting things “clean”.  All we can do is to be as aware as we can and trust our intuition, Felt Sense, and Spirit World helpers to guide us.”

Energy charging

An energy-carrying object like a crystal can be clear of unbalancing energy, but not “charged” up.  This involves either renewing and restoring the vital energy of the object, revving up its own energy level to greater than its normal state, or “filing” it up with additional energies.  Just as crystals, precious metals, and other objects will absorb and hold unbalanced or “negative” energies from their environment, they will do the same with certain beneficial energies the way a battery holds electricity.  Crystals, water, and sacred objects can be charged up with sunlight, moonlight, or other natural energies by our intention and simple exposure to them.  (Some say the best way to charge a crystal is to put it outside during a lightning storm.)  They can also be infused with the energies of other objects to amplify or radiate them.  Some objects or substances may need to be charged only once, and others may need to be periodically recharged to retain potency.  Several of our Mesa Creative Arts Tools for Transformation and Healing will charge rocks and crystals, jewelry, water, food, herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, etc, with beneficial energies that feel and work differently.

Energy “activation”

The activation of natural energy tools like rocks and crystals or man made ones like wands, tuning forks, bells, rattles, drums, etc, involves literally “turning them on” with respect to one or more of the subtle or spiritual energy levels.  When you buy a cellphone, even though you can turn it on and play with the internal functions, you can’t make or receive any calls until you have it “activated” or so that its transceiver is turned on and connected to the cellular system from within the phone itself.  Some of our Tools for Transformation and Healing do just that, acting as keys or activators when energy or power objects are placed in, on, under, or near them, setting new processes into motion as if an internal switch had been turned on.  Here again we may have to rely on our Felt Sense or intuition to determine if anything is different after such an activation.

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