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Paintings and Drawings from Kate and Brad Silberberg

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Both lifelong artists, Kate and Brad Silberberg create beautiful works of art inspired by their spiritual journey.  Here are some photos of drawings, paintings, sculpture, pastels, and work done in other media.  If you’re interested in purchasing their work, please call 724-947-3097 or email for more information.

“I make art to express my own feelings, thoughts, and emotions.  I also make art to help others realize the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that they may not be expressing because they don’t feel they’re capable of being artists as well.  I make art to inspire others to ‘come out of the art closet’ and allow themselves the space and time to develop their own visual vocabulary or  symbol system to express whatever it might be they need to express.  A single piece of art, whoever makes it, can say it all for a group of people; the collective.  Sometimes that one piece of art is enough to get people started creating on their own.  We are all creative beings, with gifts God gave us to discover, so I make art to be part of Creation and discover myself.  We are meant to use and share our gifts and talents, for by doing so we grow and learn about life, and ourselves.

Often times, people get stopped before they start making art because they fear judgment from others.  In truth they are judging themselves.  Art is an equalizer because it speaks from our hearts and is therefore, above judgment.  I feel that by creating art, I heal myself, and my hope is that what I create helps others heal too.  I create to celebrate life, the human experience, and others around me.  I hope to inspire others to celebrate themselves through creating art in their own way.  There is a lot of ugliness in the world, and we need to be reminded that we can choose to make beauty or ugliness.  I choose to make things of beauty, for by doing this I honor creation, the Universe, and the Creator.  When we honor our gifts, we are given more gifts.”

Artist and healer, Kate Silberberg      

Drawings and Paintings on Paper by Kate Silberberg

Celtic Illumination letter 'h'

“Illuminated Letter ‘h’”
Colored Pencils

Green Eyed Woman

“Woman with Green Eyes”
Colored Pencil

Mother Mary

“St. Mary Magdalene”
(after Perugino) Colored Pencils

Four Directions drawing

“Spirit of the West”
Oil Pastels and Colored Pencil


Colored Pencils

Sage Smoke pastel drawing

“Prayers Rising/Sacred Smoke”
Chalk Pastels

Mermaid drawing

“The Blue Mermaid”
Oil Pastels and Colored Pencils

Permanent Atoms

“Permanent Atoms”
Oil Pastels and Colored Pencils

Yellow Flower tissue painting

“Yellow Flower”
Tissue Paper and Acrylic Medium

Sun doodle painting

Watercolor on Paper

Treasure Map

“Treasure Map”
Markers, Colored Pencils, Acrylic Paint Wash

Aboriginal turtle painting

“Dreamtime Turtle”
Acrylic Paint and Construction Paper

Kandinsky Lights

“Kandinsky Lights”
Chalk Pastels
Kandinsky Lights 2

“Kandinsky Lights 2”
Chalk Pastels
Out My Window Through the Eyes of Vincent

“Out My Window Through the Eyes of Vincent”
Chalk Pastels

Woman's Face

“Woman’s Face”
Chalk Pastels

Pastel Drawings by Brad Silberberg

Art Dude

“Art Dude”
Chalk Pastels

Red Haired Man

“Red Haired Man”
Chalk Pastels
Expanding Consciousness

“Expanding Consciousness”
Chalk Pastels

Chalk Pastels
Green Hat Man

“Green Hat Man”
Chalk Pastels
Red Feather Portal

“Red Feather Portal”
Chalk Pastels

Other Works of Art by Kate and Brad Silberberg

"If You Planted Your Heart"

“If You Planted Your Heart”
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
By Kate Silberberg


Carved Oak by Brad Silberberg

Beadpower Chair

“Beadpower Chair”
by Kate Silberberg
Acrylic Paint

“I Offer My Heart”
by Brad Silberberg
Steel, Nails, Wood, Paint, Book, Cloth
Painted Chair: "Out of Africa"

“Out of Africa Chair”
by Kate Silberberg
Acrylic Paint, Raffia, Beads
Four Agreements Chair

“Four Agreements Chair”
by Kate Silberberg
Acrylic Paint

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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