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What is Natural Healing?- Ways to Help Yourself Heal Naturally

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Natural Healing stresses and relies on the body’s ability to heal itself.   Originally, this meant using Earth-based remedies including herbs, foods, minerals, and water baths as well as life style changes and (often) spiritual support to spur the body into healing response. These days Natural Healing generally centers on strengthening and activating body systems for healing and preventing pain and disease by using substances from Nature as remedies rather than factory produced chemicals.  In the strictest interpretation, these substances are usually used with as little modification as possible so as to avoid breaking down any delicate physical compounds or destroying the Life Force contained within them, but very few people gather their own herbs anymore or follow the “medicine ways” of our ancestors.  Emphasis on purity and potency has also resulted in greater processing of natural substances, sometimes to the detriment of the Life-energy and consciousness they once contained.

Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) stress prevention of disease and usually recommend diets of healthy or healing foods.  They mainly work with vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies (made from the energy imprint or consciousness of various substances), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help people return to balance and heal.  Sometimes the focus on using physical or energetic substances as spot remedies to erase symptoms is over-emphasized, once again aiming the relief-seeker to look for answers from the world “out there” instead of seeking change inside of themselves.  Some practitioners sell vitamins and herbal supplements for additional income and load clients down with bottles of pills with good intentions of bombarding the body with nutrition.  Unfortunately, as many supplements are hard on the stomach, that may make them worse instead of better.

At The Mesa Healing Center, we encourage your body to heal through helping you to settle and rebalance your mind, emotions, and spirit.  We generally don’t give advice about using vitamins, herbs, or homeopathic remedies, other than relating our personal research and experience.  We have found that unless one has a working knowledge of supplements and they are carefully chosen and monitored almost daily, some of these substances have the potential to cause harm instead of good.  Focusing on their use alone can divert attention from what is out of balance on deeper levels, where dis-ease begins.

We do believe that “you are what you eat” and in the Native American concept that our food is our “medicine”.  We strongly recommend to our clients ways they might change what and how they eat as a first resort to allowing their bodies to relax and heal.  This gives them renewed energy while they learn ways to release and change on the deeper emotional, psychological, and Spiritual levels.  (Changing your diet is also a great way to learn about your emotional relationship with, and attachment to food!)  We also advocate the use of Flower Essences (Vibrational remedies made solely from the consciousness and Life Force energy of flowering plants dissolved in pure water.) and the healing power of rocks and crystals, not to “knock out symptoms” but to work gently and lovingly on these deeper levels to rebalance us and remind us of our Soul’s perfection.


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