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Invoking the Soul (The Soul Invocation)- Connecting with Your Own Soul

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We incarnate into physical bodies here on this Earth in order to learn and experience for the spiritual growth and development of our Eternal Soul.  In a way, we are the representative of our Soul as we go through life here on this Earth, engaging in situations and relationships that will enable that growth to occur.  (What kind of job are you doing representing the “home office”?)  We also need the help from that higher spiritual energy and consciousness called our Soul in order to become more attuned to it and make progress on our spiritual path.

It is an important thing to do for our Soul to engage it more directly in experiencing what it has sent us here to do.  No matter whether it is participating in the highest spiritual exercise or going to the bathroom, our Soul needs to join us here on the Earth to more fully assimilate and integrate the experience.  At the same time, enlisting the help of your Eternal Soul by calling down more of your Soul’s energy and consciousness into your body will add spiritual power and increase the benefits and effectiveness of anything you do, especially spiritual and healing work.  Do this through your Soul Star, the first chakra (subtle energy center) above your head that connects your Soul into your physical body.  It’s up there about 6 inches directly above the crown of your head.  (If you move your hand up and down above your head with the palm facing down, you might feel a “hot spot” or energetic sensation in your hand or tingling in your body when you pass through it.)

Your Soul Star is an extension of your Soul and will only respond to personality or ego demands that further your Soul's own higher purpose.  Activate and bring this Spiritual aspect of yourself down to the physical plane by reciting the Soul Invocation, (shown below).  Artist, healer, and energy sensitive, Brad Silberberg, came across two very short versions of this ancient little poem or prayer and expanded and revised it based on experimentation with connecting with his own Soul energy.  Using this mantram will enhance and strengthen the positive effects of doing any inner work.  Some say that without the focused recitation of some kind of Soul Invocation, all meditation, yoga practice, breathwork, chanting, etc., have no real lasting effect on your “inner vehicle.”

To use the Soul Invocation, start by turning your attention to your Soul Star by envisioning, feeling, or imagining it up there over your head.  Think about your Soul on the Spirit Side and its Divine nature.  Hold firmly in your mind the idea of seeking and receiving your Soul's help, participation, and cooperation with “you” (your personality or ego) in what you’re about to undertake.  Then say the words of the Soul Invocation, speaking them with feeling and the authority of your Divine Soul.  At the end of the invocation, chant “Om…, Om…, Om…” as it is the sound that creates integration.  We find that reciting the Soul Invocation on a regular basis when arising in the morning and before going to sleep at night is highly beneficial for maintaining and increasing your bond with your Soul energy.

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The Soul Invocation

“I am the Soul.
I am the Light Divine.
I am Divine Love.
I am Divine Will.
I am Divine Trust.
I am Divine Understanding.
I am Divine Wisdom.
I am Divine Order.
I am Divine Power.
I am Divine Design.
I am _____.”
(Say your name.  We use first and middle names).
Chant: “Om…, Om…, Om…”

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