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What is Spiritual Healing?- Calling on Energy from Higher Consciousness

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Many people narrowly define “Spiritual Healing” as using prayer or faith alone to banish physical pain or cure disease.  Television Evangelists with their showmanship of forehead thumping “Faith Healings” are a misleading portrayal of Spiritual Healing in action.  True Spiritual Healing involves healing ourselves mind, body, and Spirit through understanding and evolution on the Spiritual and consciousness levels by a process of self-examination, study of esoteric teachings, use of spiritually expanding experiences, and help from the Spirit Realm.  This new broadened view of our own Being inevitably brings change on the Soul level that promotes good health, renewed energy, clear thoughts and emotions, and joyful engagement in Life.  Spiritual healing can reverse physical and emotional trauma, banish diseases, lighten thoughts and emotions, and hasten Enlightenment.

In our work at The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center we have come to an even larger understanding of what it is to heal by Spiritual means.  To us, it is not simply a matter of “wishing away” pain or dis-ease by asking some imaginary force to remove it.  It is a journey to recovering a greater understanding of who we really are, where we have come from, and what we are doing here on this Earth.  The journey starts with a vague feeling that there must be more and leads to remembering that we are eternal, holographic yet differentiated parts of the greater whole of Universal Consciousness or God.  We make this journey not by hiding away as a monk but by learning and doing things in our day to day life that bring us back into alignment with our Spiritual nature.  It also involves interacting with the invisible energy and inhabitants of the Spirit Realm who are all around us waiting to help.  We are not talking Earthbound “ghosts” here, but highly evolved benevolent Beings who also benefit and grow by helping us.

In effect, all healing is actually Spiritual Healing as it is on that level where our perceived separation from other people, God, Nature, and our Soul’s potential causes us the greatest pain.  Often, this pain is trying to remind us that we have come here to this Earth to learn about Love, Relationship, Faith, Trust, Compassion, Oneness, and our own perfection and not just by some accident of genetics.  Healing on the Spiritual level also helps us to understand that all of us are here for common goals of evolving Human consciousness and becoming an Enlightened species.

Spiritual Healers are trained to act as a form of conduit or conductor to allow “supernatural” (simply: “from beyond the normally perceived Universe.”) healing energy or Beings to come through them and into the recipient so that areas of physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual imbalance and discomfort are transformed back into their original state of perfection.  This may take a long course of healings, one “miraculous” one, or something in between.  The energies and Beings from Spirit have far greater knowledge about healing than we mere mortals and also have access to techniques and energy frequencies that simply do not exist on this Earth plane.  They are eager and willing to assist any and all of us that are ready to ask for and accept their help.

Spiritual Healing is also the purest form of Vibrational Healing in that it employs for healing energies of the highest vibration and consciousness available in the Universe.  They heal body, mind, and Spirit; past, present, and future.  These Spiritual energies are in fact so high in power and “knowing” that they are completely non-physical yet still impact and bring change to matter, as the basis of all matter is pure energy and structural consciousness.  This change can take place by restructuring on the gross physical or sub-atomic levels or by reforming and repairing patterns of imbalanced emotional and thought energy resulting from trauma, abuse, fear, doubt, negativity, ancestral patterns, or past life experiences.  Since our matter is not separate from our thoughts, emotions, or Spirit and vice versa, we benefit on all levels no matter which direction the healing proceeds.  If, however, healing can be done first at the level of Soul we become different from the inside out, resulting in faster change in the physical than if physical healing is attempted alone.

Unlike massage, chiropractic, or surgery, Spiritual healings are generally given without any direct physical manipulation by the practitioner, but use light touch or mental intention to transmit healing energy.  The resulting healing is similar in nature to that done on “The Other Side” to heal Souls that have crossed over from Earthly traumas, yet we can benefit from it while still “alive” here on Earth.  It is in fact more potent for the very reason that we experience the healing and what we learn from it through our physical form, resulting in greater growth of our Soul.


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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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