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What is Vibrational Healing?- Healing with Sound, Light, Higher Energy

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People who can psychically see or feel energy will tell you that it moves through us in ways that do not always directly relate to the physical structure of our bodies.  If you could see into the world of energy you would be amazed by the fact that our physicality is just a tiny part of what “we” consist of.  Certainly you would see chemical energy from food, air, and water being carried through the blood and exchanged in the chemical processes of our body cells.  You’d see the tiny electrical currents of impulses flowing through the brain and branching out along physical structures we call “nerves” to bring communication for action throughout the body.  You’d see the effect of thoughts and emotions releasing tides of chemicals and jolts of electricity to spur the body into action, but there would be much more to catch your eye.

As you changed focus, you’d see finer, subtler energies too.  Like music, they would each have an animated pitch, tone, volume, and rhythm.  You’d watch the circulating flows of Life Force energy through the Meridian system moving in very specific routes that lack physical “pathways” feeding organs and tissues in sequence over a 24hr cycle.  You’d see the spinning wheels of higher vibrational energy or light called chakras at their locations along the spine, whirling the energy of thought, emotions, and Life Force in, out, around, and through the body in intricate geometric patterns.  Around the physical body you’d see the diaphanous layers of multicolored light that comprise the Human aura and notice the presence of multi-dimensional transfers, thought structures, holographic energy “videos” of everything experienced in this or any other lifetime, Spirit attachments, and more.  You may even see dark clouds of disturbance that are the beginnings of physical illness before it manifests into matter.

You’d also be struck by the presence of a column of purely Spiritual Light coming down from the Higher Dimensions into the top of the head flowing straight through the body, radiating out through the chakras, and finally grounding into the Earth.  You’d see the patterns in this Light constantly creating and recreating our energy and matter with wisdom and instructions from the Soul, Spirit Guides, Nature Devas, and our Creator.  Finally, you’d notice something looking back at you as you came face to face with the Eternal I AM presence inhabiting the physical body before you and be humbled by its radiance.  In it you would see all that has been or ever will be, all that is known or ever will be known.  You’d stand mesmerized as you watched all of these energies continually interact, intermingle, shift and change in ways that no Human can fully understand or describe.

All too often, our multi-leveled energy systems get out of harmony internally or with the world around us from stressors within or without.   They can even become "clogged up" with increasingly dense energy blockages of different kinds.  This can result in physical or emotional pain and prevention of our bodily support and healing systems from doing their jobs.  All levels are affected by all other levels and when these disturbances in our energy systems persist and become great enough, we become depressed, get sick, feel separated from God, and our lives teeter unbalanced.  Energy’s job is to make things happen, and for that to occur it needs to be in constant motion, circulating freely within us as well as coming and going from outside of us.  As in a flowing river, blockages create back-ups, stagnation, and dis-ease.

Sometimes it is not simply the power component of our energy that is damaged or out of balance, but somehow the formational consciousness or “knowing” that gets disrupted or distorted.  This can happen from influences outside of us taken into the body, but often from negative thoughts and emotions generated from within.  When a stronger vibrating source of physical, emotional, or thought energy is introduced to our system, it induces us through the process of resonance to come into vibrational “tune” with that stronger vibration.  At that point, the energy in question can no longer function as we need it to maintain healthy balance.  The good news is that energy can often be “swapped out” with new healthy vibration, or (maybe more accurately) induced to “remember” the original perfection of its “music” through Vibrational, and/or Spiritual healing techniques.

Vibrational healing generally does not use physical manipulation but employs only light or no touching of the body.  Instead it influences your energy systems, mind, and Soul to correct and rebalance themselves through the healing and restorative frequencies and active consciousness of constitutionally “perfect” energies such as Reiki, White Light, sound, physical light, color, flowers and plants, and crystals and gemstones— to name a few.  Their subtle vibrations can dissolve, flush, or help release these blockages, restoring balance and the healthy flow of subtle and Life Force energies in your body, mind, and Spirit.  Some of these energies bring changes that are fast and act physically while some work slower and deeper.  Often it is best to use them in combination and adjust them as things change.  What is needed for any individual’s energy to be restored and maintained varies on a case-by-case basis and is best managed by an experienced healer working in concert with them.  The real story comes back to the fact that healing is not separate from Life but an integral part of our growth, and that each life is an individual journey of the Soul.

Vibrational healing can help us in many ways and truly needs to be experienced to be understood.  Not only does it clear out and uplift our personal vibration, it also opens portals to the influx of new and higher Consciousness from the Spiritual Realms.  Like a pair of loving hands on our back, it gently supports us and keeps us from falling backwards on our path to healing.  Likewise, it firmly urges us on as we move forward toward wholeness.  It effectively clears out our energy “plumbing” more and more over time, and if used repeatedly, eventually raises the rate at which we vibrate physically as well as Spiritually, increasing vitality and awareness, increasing freedom and joy, and moving us toward enlightenment and our True Soul Nature.

Many people have never had any kind of energy work session in their whole life and have still managed to stay healthy and in relative balance because of how they think and live their lives.  Others have become so depleted or dense with heavy energies that they are barely functioning.  Everyone can benefit from Vibrational healing and we recommend regular “energy hygiene”.  From our perspective, going without it is a bit like never washing your clothes or brushing your teeth.

Some things that lower our vibration and make our energy denser or depleted:

  • Low quality food or water
  • Shallow breathing
  • Exposure to negativity and heavy emotions from family, the Media, friends, society
  • Excessive TV watching (takes us “below the level of thought”)
  • Mindless repetition and living “small” (always doing things the same way)
  • Faking it
  • Listening to hate and anger-based music
  • Separation from Nature
  • Lack of exercise
  • Indulging in F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), worry, anger, resentment, and other unbalancing emotions
  • Closing off from the Spirit World and That which created us
  • Withdrawing from people and relationships
  • Casual sex
  • Exposure to environmental toxins in food, water, air
  • Exposure to energy pollution from computers, power lines, cell phones, shopping malls, etc.
  • Maintaining ignorance
  • Ingesting chemicals such as prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol, food additives
  • Indulging in addictions of any kind
  • Resisting Life

Some things that raise our vibration and make our energy lighter and stronger:

  • Eating good food (Organic has the highest vibration) and drinking clean, energized water
  • Physical movement such as walking, swimming, dancing, biking, etc.
  • Listening to music not based in negativity
  • Going out in Nature
  • Interaction with pets and animals
  • Being true to yourself
  • Increasing Consciousness through increasing awareness
  • Balancing and raising the energy of living spaces with Space Clearing, Earth healing, live plants, and Feng Shui techniques
  • Learning new things to take in new energies
  • Praying, meditating, taking part in Sacred Ceremony
  • Engaging in healthy relationships
  • Sex as a Spiritual experience
  • Experiencing J-O-Y
  • Being of Service (giving to others without expectation of reward, recognition, etc.)
  • Breathing fully and deeply
  • Being creative
  • Practicing Love, Trust, Compassion, and other high vibrational and balancing emotions
  • Working with high-vibrational objects or techniques to raise yourself into resonance with higher vibrations (rocks and crystals, singing bowls, Sacred Geometry, Vibrational Healing, Spirituality, chanting, singing, etc.
  • Accepting and allowing Life.


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