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What is Holistic Healing?- Alternatives to Drugs and Surgery

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Are you living Life, or just enduring it?  All the truths of healing roll back to one simple one, that we are multidimensional Spiritual Beings that are connected to the physical plane through our bodies, not just walking containers of chemical processes that might have a Soul.  We are here to experience Life individually and collectively on many levels at the same time and Life is meant to be enjoyed.

From a Holistic standpoint, the health of the body is not separate from the health of the mind, emotions and Spirit.  Holistic healing is “I” centered, in that the causes for “dis-ease” and illness are not seen as being from “out there” but somewhere inside of ourselves waiting for us to learn from them, accept them, and release them to be healed.  (In Native American healing philosophy you are not truly healed unless you are also able to remain open to have them come again and “visit”.)  Pain, for instance, is our bodies’ way of getting our attention, asking us to stop and listen.  Are you listening inside of yourself, or just trying to escape discomfort?  In the Holistic view, “dis-ease” happening in the physical body is not regarded as a “malfunction”, but as a sign of imbalances on deeper levels that need to be addressed.  In order to really understand what is going on inside of a person’s body, all aspects of their life need to be examined and taken into account.

A truly holistic approach to healing starts with the idea that body, mind, emotions, and Spirit are not separate but intricately intertwined and interdependent.  This necessitates investigating and working on all levels simultaneously to achieve overall wellness.  Practitioners who work holistically seek to restore balance to people’s lives, not just their bodies or mental state.  Like Natural Healing practitioners, they use non-invasive physical therapies, natural foods, and may recommend supplements, but their main techniques involve helping and supporting people at a deeper level as they learn healthier ways to live and to thrive instead of simply existing.  They may employ methods such as talking therapy (teaching, counseling), relaxation and stress reduction techniques (hypnotherapy, meditation, exercises, breath work), Vibrational Healing (Healing with the physical and metaphysical vibrations of sound, light, color, healing energy, and vibrational remedies such as flower essences and gem elixirs.), and encouraging self-examination and Spiritual exploration (through study, sacred practice, Spiritual experiences).

How is Holistic Healing different than going to an MD?

  • Reliance on, and faith in the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.
  • Healthy food as medicine, not drugs.
  • Physical illness is seen as the result of “dis-ease” (lack of peace) on the emotional, mental, or Spiritual levels that  becomes dense enough to manifest into the body.
  • Understanding that similar symptoms can come from different underlying causes and have different cures.
  • Centered on finding health on an individual basis, instead of combing for “abnormalities”.
  • Emphasis on teaching people to maintain their own health.  (Training “victims” to be healers.)
  • Healing as a partnership between individual and healer.
  • Energy is infinite and available from physical and non-physical sources within and outside of ourselves.
  • Working with energy and consciousness to create change, instead of reliance on chemicals.
  • Ultimate responsibility for health lies with the individual.
  • ALL aspects of the person (physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual) and their life are taken into consideration.
  • Focus on restoring balance to the whole individual, not erasing symptoms.
  • Therapies are used that are mainly non-invasive (no cutting, poking, sampling, etc.)
  • Root emotional, psychological, and Spiritual causes are sought out and addressed.
  • Therapies are adjusted and blended together to fit the individual.  (What’s “normal” for one person may not be for another.)
  • The individual is encouraged to take part and responsibility in their own healing, instead of stepping aside for the “experts”.
  • Dying is accepted as a part of Life and seen as a passage to another level of existence.
  • Healing as a community concern.  (No one is truly healed until we are ALL healed.)

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