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Borromean Rings, Seed of Life Rings, and Borromean Tubes

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What are Borromean Rings?

Borromean rings interlocked

Interwoven or Borromean rings

What are now known as Borromean rings are reputed to have first showed up in Afghan Buddhist art in the second century, but could date back to earlier civilizations.  In 15 century Italy, the mighty Borromi family used this pattern of three intertwining rings as part of their family crest, the rings being depicted in such a way so that if one of the rings were cut, all three would separate, implying greater strength through unity.  Through their popularization of the design, the symbol came to be known as the Borromean rings.  These days, the Borromean rings symbol is often drawn as a flat graphic, sometimes without any visual hint of overlap.

This 2-dimensional configuration is really an idealized geometric form that cannot be made with 3-dimensional rings and lay flat as depicted unless the rings are bent to weave through each other, changing the ring circularity and form as well as their Sacred Geometry energy.  The pattern is, however, a perfect representation of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, reminding us that all three of these aspects of ourselves are interdependent and must be addressed that way for optimum health.

True interwoven Borromean rings have been discovered to occur at the molecular level in DNA and other Nanotechnology research, here being linked in a 3-dimensional way, rather than in a flat plane.  During synthesis experiments, some molecules have actually self-assembled into the Borromean pattern.  A particle analog of the rings has also been proven to exist on the Quantum level, a reminder that Sacred Geometry is an underlying organizational structure for all matter and all life.

Circles, Rings, and the “Tripod of Life”

The Tripod of Life
Three intersecting rings forming the “Tripod of Life”

Rings or circles are a symbol of wholeness and unity.  They have no beginning and no end.  They represent the infinite possibilities of creation the are contained in the void.  In the study of Sacred Geometry, two intersecting circles represent the coming together of God and man.  Their common area form the pointed oval or seed shape referred to as the vessica piscis from which all other geometric shapes can be generated.  The fish that has been used to represent Jesus uses this shape and it has also been associated with creation, birth, and the womb.

Three intersecting circles form the basic trefoil unit generally known as the “Tripod of Life” and have been held sacred by many cultures.  They are said to represent the energy/form of the Second Day of Creation and are often used to symbolize the Trinity.  They are a very powerful representation of the creative force of the Universe, and inscribe three intersecting vessica piscis.  At their center is formed a triangle with curved sides.  Straight-sided triangles are shapes that represent balance, stability, and equilibrium and their three internal angles add up to no more than 360 degrees of rotation.  Curved sided triangles, whether in a flat plane or in spherical geometry (like our Heliospheres™) contain more than 360 degrees.  This “pregnant” triangle is a lens for powerful energies from Higher Realms.  Throughout history, this symbol of three intersecting circles or rings has been used to represent everything from the Holy Trinity to beer companies.

The “Tripod of Life” forms the core of the the sacred “Seed of Life”, a 7-ring Sacred Geometry form representing the 6th day of Creation before the 7th and final day of rest.  The “Seed of Life” is a basic building block of the “Flower of Life” pattern which depicts fundamental forms of time and space as it illustrates the interconnectedness of all life.  (See the “Flower of Life” pattern on our TC Energy Water Carafes page, here.)  Considered holy in many cultures, this Sacred Geometry pattern that appeared on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples contains the patterns of Creation as things emerged from the "Great Void".  Just looking at any of these sacred patterns can heal us and expand our energy and consciousness.

The Energy of the Trefoil and Interlocked Rings

If you simply overlap three, 3-dimensional rings together roughly into the “Tripod of Life” or trefoil arrangement, they will generate and concentrate creation energy.  It doesn't matter if the rings are made from metal, wood, or woven grass, nor in what order they are overlapped.  Energy will still be emitted as soon as they are laid one on top of each other.  If you’re energy sensitive, you’ll likely feel it right away.  Arrange them carefully to form equal vessica piscis and pass your hand over the curved triangle that’s formed at the center.  The smaller the center opening of the three-ring arrangement, the more concentrated the energy will likely feel.  Metals are stiff, crystalline materials that transmit and hold energy well.   From them we can make durable, highly energetic rings that amplify and hold “Tripod of Life” energy more than many other materials.

Seed of Life Borromean Rings

Interlocked “Seed of Life” rings

There is something energetically present in the interlocking of rings that is different than just placing them one on top of the other.  Though a true Borromean pattern would distort 3-dimensional rings, there are other ways to interlock rings into a “Tripod of Life” pattern so that they will lay reasonably flat.  These rings generate an organizational energy that according to one respected psychic we asked, “bring in our higher intelligence and enhance creativity” and could be seen to change the aura when held.

On recommendation from our Higher Guidance, we make sets of these rings from copper tubing and add brass spheres where each ring is joined, all of which adds to the positive effects of the configuration.  With the addition of the spheres we’ve been guided to call them “Seed of Life” rings (rather than “Tripod of Life”) as that is the energy that they bring through from the Higher Dimensions.  Manipulating, playing with, or carrying these rings, or even just having them nearby are simple energetic ways to bring in “Seed of Life” energy and our own Higher Consciousness.  The rings shown at left are each 2-1/2” outside diameter made from 1/4” copper tubing with 1/2” brass spheres.  As they are not interwoven in the true Borromi fashion but somewhere in between, people sometimes will still erroneously refer to these interlocked metal rings as Borromean.

There is a way to make 3 rings interwoven in the true Borrmean pattern lie flat and that is to half-lap join them, like the old Lincoln Logs.  The rings must be first formed but not yet joined into complete circles, marked, and half-lap cut.  Then the rings are assembled to correctly interweave.  The ends of the rings can then be joined, the interlocks matched up and seated.  The assembly is then soldered to keep things in place.  This is a tremendous amount of tedious precision work.  Artist, healer, and energy sensitive, Brad Silberberg precisely makes each set of linked or interlocked  Borromean rings by hand inside the energy-charged environment of our 8 foot diameter Heliosphere™, increasing their effectiveness.

We’ve also found, curiously enough, that if you tie three loose, overlapping “Seed of Life” rings together where they cross and carefully pull them upwards from the center into a dome shape, the flow of energy produced changes character and is greatly increased.  This may be a result of moving the arrangement from planar to spherical geometry.  That is another way we can make half-lap interlocked Borromean rings, except that instead of tying the rings together, they are carefully notched, locked together, and soldered so that they stay as a partially spherical surface.

Borromean Tubes™
Borromean Tubes 3
Brass Borromean Tubes™

Our Borromean Tubes™ are constructed (also inside our big Heliosphere™) by interlocking three metal tubes into the “Seed of Life” pattern as seen from their ends.  These tubes bring the three ring energy into a new Sacred Geometry form by adding a height dimension to the largely two dimensional flat ring configuration.  Borromean Tubes™ are very polar in nature and have "plus" and "minus" poles similar to a magnet.  By placing them at your feet, you may feel energy moving upwards through your body with one pole upwards and energy moving down when the tubes are flipped over.

What do Borromean Rings and Tubes™ do?

Both Borromean Rings and Tubes™ are energy activators.  They activate the latent subtle or spiritual energies of other objects like crystals, vibrational remedies, or water when they are placed under or on top of the Rings or Tubes.  Each configuration (rings and tubes) seems to activate different energy processes in the objects placed in contact with them.  When not in use, we keep Borromean Rings and Tubes in The Mesa Creative Arts Center and at home to bring in whatever helpful Earth energy or Inter-Dimensional energies they add to our environment.

We can make “Seed of Life” rings in various sizes.  We custom make our Borromean Tubes™ from available stock tubes, usually 1-1/2" to 2" diameter copper or brass, about 2" to 3" high.  Our Borromean Rings™ can be made in different diameters and in additional metals.  Call 724-947-3097 or email us for availability and pricing.

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