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Hand-Hammered Brass Singing Bowls for Meditation and Sound Healing

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Like Tibetan bowls of old, our hand hammered brass singing bowls create powerful sound vibration energy for clearing chakras, healing auras, energy balancing, stress reduction, and enhancing meditation.

Modern healers around the world are beginning to rediscover what ancient peoples knew about the healing power of sound.  While not all sounds are therapeutic, certain notes and kinds of sound vibration trigger deep healing within our emotions, psyche, and our very cells.  Harmonious, musical sounds, with their mathematically centered overtones generate a kind of aural sacred geometry that has the ability to energetically unlock healing, rebalancing, and remembering processes within us.  While music has largely fallen into the arena of “entertainment” in our modern world, our ancestors used it help them recover from physical or mental imbalance and to keep themselves healthy.  One traditional instrument that produces this kind of healing vibration is the singing bowl.

Singing bowl
Hand-hammered brass singing bowls from Mesa Creative Arts

Originally made and used by the monks of ancient Tibet, hammered metal singing bowls were used in sacred ceremonies, but their healing power was kept a secret.  Even though monks carried their bowls with them on their pilgrimages, using them for collecting alms and eating from, they were rarely played outside of the monasteries.  Antique singing bowls were reputed to have been made from an alloy of seven metals, one for each of the chakras.  Each had its own unique "voice" and was played by “bonging” it with the heel of the hand or a soft mallet, or by "rimming" the bowl-- slowly rubbing around the rim with a special stick to get it to hum or "sing".  This singing "voice" changed depending on whether the stick was moved slow or fast.

Being hand made, every bowl had its own special sound when played that reflected its diameter, depth, thickness, composition, and hardness, and thus affected specific parts of the Human energy system.  Even the size, weight, and density of the stick used affected the sound as the rimming stick became a kind of sounding board for the bowl it was playing.  Unlike quartz singing bowls, brass bowls do not produce a single clear note, but several harmonic overtones that are heard as one undulating voice.  Different parts of the bowl vibrate at different rates making a combination of sounds, usually one from the rim, another from the “belly” or midway down the wall, and one from the bottom of the bowl.  Sound healers sometimes prefer brass bowls for this reason as the “spaces” between the tones act as portals for healing energy to pass freely through.

The hypnotic, whirring ring of metal singing bowls makes them highly sought after for use with personal meditation practice to help one go into a more relaxed state and deeper levels of consciousness.  They’re also great for accompanying spoken meditations or as part of a sacred sound choir with flutes, cymbals, and drums.  They can often be heard in the background of Tibetan chant recordings.

Our Mesa Creative Arts singing bowls are hand hammered from sheets of 16 gauge yellow brass by Artist and Healer Brad Silberberg, who taught himself how to forge these bowls after many years of work as an artistic blacksmith.  They range in size from 6-14 inches in diameter and each comes with its own wooden rimming stick, hand turned on our wood lathe from a variety of woods.  When Brad first started making singing bowls, he struggled for hours, trying to tune them to specific notes.  In time, he came to realize that the spirit of each bowl was guiding him to just let them be what they were to become and sound their own healing song.  Repeated heating and hammering allows our bowls to develop a rich brown patina, but you really have to hear them to get a sense of how beautiful they are.

Solfeggio Singing Bowls

More recently, Brad has been directed to work with the notes of the Solfeggio Scale, used in ancient Christian Gregorian Chants.  These healing frequencies are now being used as powerful tools to bring in the information of balance and harmony carried by this Spiritual vibration.  After training as a Sound Healing practitioner and teacher with Solfeggio tuning forks, Brad started making singing bowls tuned to the Solfeggio Scale available for you.

All of our hammered-brass singing bowls are one of a kind and are available in limited supply.  We also take orders for custom made bowls, usually allowing for the size and shape, but not tuned to a particular pitch.  Call 724-947-3097, or email for more information.

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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