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Stained Glass Pyramids- Energizing with the Geometry of Colored Light

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In our work at The Mesa Healing Center, we came to understand that many people are deficient in the energy of certain colors.  Our stained glass pyramids are perfect tools for Color Healing therapy, as we can use them to fill a room with colored pyramid-charged light or to solarize (charge from the Sun’s rays) water, crystals, vibrational remedies, etc, with colored light energy.  When these substances are placed on the body or ingested, they can reinstall frequencies that are missing from our cells, strengthen our chakras (subtle energy centers), or auras (energy fields around our physical bodies).  All that is needed is to put the object or substance to be imbued with color energy under the pyramid and place it out under the Sun for several hours.

Stained glass pyramids
Custom made 7 inch by 7 inch stained glass pyramids
Throughout ancient times cultures in many places around the world built pyramids for their spiritual energy.  Usually built of stone and based on principles of sacred geometry, they were towering structures that connected Humans with the power of the unseen world of the spirits.  The most famous of these structures are the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.  The sloping sides of these carefully engineered structures were set at an angle that corresponded to that of a seven-sided figure, or heptagon.  The value of that angle is found by dividing 360 degrees by 7 sides or vertices  and does not come out to a whole number as is the case for all of the other basic geometric shapes with from three (triangle) to nine sides (nonagon).  Instead it is an “irrational” number (51.428… degrees) that has an infinite number of decimal places and is therefore, “unknowable” in an exact way.  This unknowable nature was seen by the ancients as a key to connect into the infinite world of the Gods.  Though archeologists theorize that they were built as burial tombs for the pharaohs, they were probably used as temples to connect to eternal life.

We hand craft our Mesa Creative Arts Stained Glass Pyramids with the utmost care to ensure precise construction and coherent energy.  Not only do they bring the healing and wisdom energy of the ancient pyramids into our environment, but because they are made of glass we can use them to work with the power of light energy in a focused way, the light transmitted through the glass into the space within adding to the restructuring energy of the pyramidal geometry.  Conversely, we can also put an electric lamp inside of these pyramids to send their energy out into home or office with rays of light.  We have also found that placing our stained glass pyramids on a mirror greatly magnifies and enhances their energy and that transmitted to anything that is placed inside of them.

Stained glass pyramids in chakra  (rainbow) colors
Stained glass pyramids in chakra (rainbow) colors

We custom make pyramid with different angular shapes and choose the glass colors as our intuition directs.  All have the built-in base design to add structural and energetic stability.  We can custom craft pyramids for you in the shape and color you want.  Call 724-947-3097 or email for pricing and availability.

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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