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Enspirels™ are Spiritual and Healing Energy Sculptures

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Triangle Enspirel™
Triangle Enspirel™ (Brass)

Enspirels™ are delicate metal sculptures that function as transducers for spiritual energies to facilitate change.  Transducers convert energy from one form to another, like changing electricity into sound.  Enspirels™ convert high vibrational spiritual energy into a form that our earthbound Human systems can more readily absorb and use.  This energy does not come from them directly, but through them from the Higher Realms.  It promotes change by disrupting the old patterns of our mental/emotional energy field and supplying new frequencies that allow healing to occur on many levels.

Created by Artist, Healer, and energy sensitive Brad Silberberg, Enspirels™ are three dimensional sacred geometry forms that start out as one flat piece of metal.  A pattern of cuts are laid out and sawn by hand with a jeweler’s saw and then the forms are “telescoped” or expanded into their finished shape.  All of their manufacture is carried out inside of our 8foot diameter Heliosphere™, in its energy activated environment.  Awakened even before they are expanded, Enspirels™ become fully functional energy devices when opened up, the open spaces functioning as doorways to bring through healing energies.

Large Enspirels™ are great for transforming the energy of spaces.  Suspend them in homes, schools, spiritual centers, meditation area, or therapy rooms.  They create an energetic environment that promotes and protects health.

Small Enspirels™ lend themselves to more personal use; for meditation and hands-on energy work.  Placing them in various ways against the body can facilitate the release of energy blockages, and accompanying pain and tension.

We make Enspirels™ in 3 different metals, copper, brass and aluminum.  Copper has a warm Earth energy that resonates with our heart center.  Brass energy is for protection and its yellow color resonates with our solar plexus chakra.  Brass is made of copper and zinc.  Zinc in our bodies helps to heal wounds.  Aluminum has a very high vibration that corresponds to our higher spiritual energy centers.

The different Enspirel™ shapes also bring through different energy frequencies.  Choose from Round, Square, Triangle, Diamond, Star, Heart, Hexagonal, Lotus, Tree, Flower, or Double Flower Enspirels™.  Use your intuition to help you select yours by what and how you feel when you look at them.  We have found that simply looking at photos of Enspirels™ can have a healing effect on body, mind, and spirit.

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Round Enspirel™
Round Enspirel™ (shown in copper)

Square Enspirel™
Square Enspirel™ (shown in aluminum)

Tree Enspirel™
Tree Enspirel™ (shown in copper)

Lotus Enspirel™
Lotus Enspirel™ (shown in copper)

Star Enspirel™
Star Enspirel™ (shonw in brass)

Heart Enspirel
Heart Enspirel™ (shown in copper)

Diamond Enspirel™
Diamond Enspirel™ (shown in brass)

Flower Enspirel
Flower Enspirel™ (shown in brass)

Double Flower Enspirel™
Double Flower Enspirel™ (shown in aluminum)

Dome Enspirel™
Dome Enspirel™ (shown in copper)

For more information about Enspirels™, call 724-947-3097 or email.  Some Enspirels™ are in stock for immediate delivery and others can be custom ordered.

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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