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Holistic Healing Therapies and Services from The Mesa Healing Center

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The Mesa Healing Center Provides Holistic Healing, Alternative Healing, and Complimentary Medicine Services in the Pittsburgh Area That Are Safe and Effective.  (See our fees.)

  • Reiki healings, attunements and classes:  Reiki (pronounced "Ray-Key"-- Japanese for "Universal Life Energy") is a gentle, hands-on energy healing technique that works subtly on all levels to release stress, create harmony, and promote healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually. A great way to get your energy system in tune.
  • Soul Retrieval:  When we experience physical or emotional trauma, we split off, allow to be taken, or lose some of our Soul Light.  Symptoms of Soul Loss include chronic illness, depression, lethargy, lack of energy, feeling split, and giving up on Life.  The good news is that we can recover what has been taken or split off and regain health and vitality by locating, bringing back in and reintegrating Soul fragments with the psychic and energy healing methods of Soul Retrieval.
  • Kinesiology (Muscle Testing):  When something is true, healthy, affirmative, or right for you, your muscles will be STRONG.  When something is false, unhealthy, negative, or wrong for you, your muscles will go WEAK.  People are often astonished when we demonstrate this “bodily function” that they never knew they possessed.  We can use this phenomenon to find out all kinds of information about what foods are healing for you, what you believe on the unconscious level, or what healing methods would work most effectively for you.  We can quickly train you or family members to test you so you can learn about more about yourself.
  • Guided Head Movement Healing:  We shake our heads “No!” at many things and opportunities in life, much of the time unconsciously.  This can be simply a sign of inner disagreement, but also of denial, judgment, and despair that bring about emotional pain, self doubt, fear, and avoidance of life.  Developed by Brad and Kate Silberberg, this quick and simple healing technique starts with Kinesiology (muscle testing) to find out where you are stuck on the deepest emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  We then use gentle guided movements of the head (side-to-side rocking, and nodding) to breach your inner mind’s deepest resistance, releasing the emotional locks that keep you from making new, healthier and more life-affirming choices.
  • Magical Thinking Healing™:  Much of what holds us back in life is how we have come to define our very state of Being (our “IS-ness”) as a result of trauma or accepting limiting labeling from “authority figures” or even ourselves.  We fearfully judge ourselves to be “filled with shame”, “not ready”, “bad”, or “empty” (to name some examples) and would just love someone to confirm we are not.  This technique uses Kinesiology to locate parts of our Inner Mind that remain stuck, get permission from them to be “tested” and establish trust in an outside “evaluator”.  We combine this with simple “magical thinking” tests or evaluations which are impossible to fail, thus shifting energy and self- awareness to a positive state.  Learn more about Magical Thinking Healing™ here.
  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression:  We have all lived many lives—or, some might say, many episodes in our Soul's timeline.  Our Souls choose to reincarnate to work on unresolved issues from the past and may have lived many lifetimes doing so without success.  We have entered a time when past Karma is coming up to be balanced so we can move toward enlightenment.  Visiting past lifetimes as you are gently guided under hypnosis can bring valuable insight, understanding, healing and relief as you release the burdens of the past and move into the present.
  • Tuning Fork Sonic Healing:  This pure form of Vibrational Healing can release fear, heal DNA, and open portals to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, by working with the sound energy of special tuning forks tuned to the ancient Solfeggio scale of Gregorian Chant.  Each fork has a corresponding “theme” as well as chakra tuned vibration.  Sound vibration is a powerful tool for restoring perfection on the cellular level and can quickly rebalance the emotions.
  • Amethyst Bio-Mat sessions:  This massage table sized device generates Far Infra-red waves that penetrate deep into your body to heal on a cellular level.  The surface of the Bio-mat is covered with tiny pieces of tumble polished amethyst, which send their healing energy far into your body carried by the infra-red light.  It also generates negative ions and changes positive ions in your body to negative ones, simply by laying on the mat.  Any kind of healing sessions received while on the Bio-mat are also greatly enhanced and we offer that as well as the opportunity to simply rest on it.  (When we tried out the Biomat, we found it’s healing so profound that we immediately bought one.  A friend and psychic sat on our Amethyst Bio-Mat and said, “What I’m getting is that it changes things… and changes things and changes things!  It makes change happen.”)  We are also authorized Bio-mat dealers and can arrange your purchase of a Bio-mat or other products.  Find out more about Amethyst Bio-mats here.
  • Crystal Healing, Crystal Arrays, Laying on of Stones, Crystal Grids for home or office:  All rocks and crystals have their own vibrational frequency.  The energy and consciousness "information" contained in stones can expand your awareness, teach, protect, and help you to re-align and heal.  We sell healing rocks and crystals in our Mesa Gift Shop and can give you advice on which crystals may help you.
  • Seashell Healing, Shell Arrays, Laying on of Seashells, Seashell readings:  Seashells are made of crystalline minerals and contain healing energy and information, just like rocks and crystals.  The difference is that they were made by the living creatures that once inhabited them and contain their gentle energy and wisdom as well.  Shells come from water and water energy is the energy of emotions.  Shells can help us heal on all levels.  Learn about seashell divination readings here.
  • Sound Healing:  Using the power of sound to increase vitality and magnify healing on all levels with Singing Bowls, drums, flutes, tuning forks, and overtone singing.
  • Spiritual Counseling:  Lost interest in the fear-based religion of your youth?  Feel like you are in “Spiritual Kindergarten”, groping to find direction and experience on your journey to a spiritual life?  We can offer advice and concrete suggestions for ways you can move toward a place of greater internal peace, connectedness, and fulfillment.  We’ll help you find available resources that resonate with your Soul and guide you onto your own path to higher vibration, expanded consciousness, and spiritual healing.
  • Relationship Counseling:  Having trouble within a relationship?  Don’t know whether to stay or leave?  We first learned about relationships from our family and the way they were acted out gave us our role models for our own.  While we never tell anyone what they “should” or “shouldn’t” do, we offer new ways of looking at relational situations and choices you may not have considered.  We will work with individuals or the whole family at one time.
  • Counseling for Sensitive and Gifted Children (Indigo and Crystal Children):  Is your child seeing auras, feeling other people’s emotions, or seeing spirit Beings (ghosts)?  Has your child been labeled ADD or ADHD because they are exceptional and don’t fit in with a “one-size-fits-all” educational system?  Want to help them grow and thrive without dulling them with prescription drugs?  We can help your child understand and develop his/her spiritual and metaphysical gifts and give advice on how to deal with the materialistic world around them.  We can fill in the blanks about the vast unseen world of Nature and the Spirit Realm and help them find ways to not only cope but evolve and expand.  We’ll meet with the whole family together or work one-on-one with your child.
  • Magnified Healing:  This healing energy, overseen by Quan Yin (The female counterpart to the Buddha, and the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion who "Hears the Cries of the World") has been used by Spirits for their own healing on “the Other Side”.  They now want it used by us here on this Earth to bring healing and enlightenment to humanity.
  • "TE" (short for “The Energy” and similar to “The Reconnection”):  A "gently powerful" energy technique that helps release dis-harmony from your energy field, helping with pain relief and the release of "stuck" energy from your physical, emotional, or mental bodies.  Some modalities tend to break up energy in our physical body and release it into our energy field (aura).  If this energy is not somehow swept out of our field it may, over time, re-densify and find its way back into our physical bodies, bringing back pain and "dis-ease".  “TE” can release this kind of energy and is highly beneficial immediately after modalities such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, etc.  In truth, this energy constantly flows through us and is available to all of us at all times.  We can quickly “reacquaint” (no “reconnecting” necessary!) you with it.
  • Angel Healing:  Working with our invisible yet ever present Guardian Angels, Arch Angels, and other spiritual beings to disconnect energy drains from others, mend or bring closure to past or present relationships and aid in forgiveness for ourselves and others.
  • Flower Essence Healing and Wildcrafted Essences:  Our Creator put each and every flowering plant on this Earth to help us to learn what our Souls have come to learn, release old patterns, and heal ourselves.  Ingesting the life energy and “informational” consciousness patterns of flowers, distilled into energetically charged water can bring gentle emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.  We’ll suggest essences that will help you and help you find and select them.  (We make our own essences and can teach you to do so.)
  • "Tools for Transformation":  Sales of, and healings with our Enspirels™, Heliospheres™, Pyramids, Borromean Rings and Tubes™, and other objects that resonate with, receive, channel, or amplify Spiritual and healing energies.
  • Space Clearing and House Blessings:  Environmental energies from sources such as built up “people energy” (residual negativity from thoughts and emotions), Geopathic Stress (harmful Earth energy emanations), Earthbound spirits, electromagnetic radiation from power lines, TV’s and computers can drain your family’s energy, interrupt sleep, and cause long term health problems.  We can survey for these harmful energies and implement solutions to clean and balance them.  Working on site or remotely with sound, sacred smoke, and Spiritual energy we will clear negativity, release spirits, heal the land under, and bring fresh energy into your home-- and your life!
  • Feng Shui Enhancements and Advice:  The Asian art of placement and energy enhancement can make your home feel better to live in and bring great changes into your life.  We can survey your home and give you advice on how to improve its energy environment.  We also provide custom-crafted Feng Shui Remedies such as fountains, golden Five Element Coins, and hand-forged energy spikes to reclaim "missing corners" of your property.
  • Classes in the Healing Arts at The Mesa Creative Arts Center:  See our class schedule here.
  • Healing Retreats:  Come stay with us for a day, a weekend, or a week and receive custom tailored healings with Reiki, Tuning forks, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and more.  Come by yourself, or bring a group.  Take part in private and/or regularly scheduled Mesa classes in art, craft, healing, or Spiritual self-evolution.  Participate in meditation, empowerment rituals, and sacred ceremonies.  Walk in Nature, relax, be silent, and reconnect with your Soul and Higher Consciousness.  Check out our Retreats here.
  • Wedding Ceremonies:  Looking for a spiritual, non-denominational marriage ceremony?  We offer services for weddings at The Mesa in our Native American Medicine Wheel or at your venue.  Ordained Minister, Brad Silberberg is empowered to conduct weddings anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremonies in The Mesa Creative Arts Center outdoor Medicine Wheel:  We will take you into Sacred Ceremony in The Wheel for healing and clearing of body, mind, and Spirit or drum for you to have a vision.  We can also conduct baby namings, thanksgiving ceremonies, forgiveness ceremonies, etc.  We do not charge for Ceremony but gladly accept donations.
  • Mesa Creative Arts Gift Certificates:  Give your loved ones a gift of healing.  We offer gift certificates for private healing sessions or for classes in the healing arts.

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“We charge only for our time, not for our gifts.”

$65.00/ hr. for healing and counseling sessions.

$45.00/ hr. for use of the Amethyst Bio-mat alone.

Most initial sessions last between 1-1/2 and 2 hours, so that we can learn about you and your situation in Life and get you started on your path to regaining health and vitality.  Subsequent sessions are usually one hour, but we allow healings to continue to completion instead of matching the clock.

Now accepting cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Day, evening, and weekend appointments available.
Call: (724) 947-3097.

Telephone consultations are also possible for distance healing for those outside of the Pittsburgh area.

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Brad Silberberg is an artist and holistic healer who envisioned The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center as a place of awakening for art, healing, and spiritual expansion.

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